4 Pro Tips to Be the Best at Apex Legends

Season 14 “Hunted” has started recently in Apex Legends, and players have started their preparations. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and started working on being the best for this season. So how do you become a pro player in Apex Legends? This is actually easier than you think if you follow the tips for Apex we have prepared for you. Let’s take a look at the best Apex Legends tips and tricks together.

Choose a Legend

This is the first, but one of the most efficient Apex Legends tricks, and you should definitely try it. Apex Legends currently has 22 Legends. Among the Legends, each with different skills and play styles, find the one that appeals to you the most. Thus, in your adventure of mastering the game, you will make your job easier when playing with the same character in Apex.

It is also very important that these Legends are suitable for the meta. Therefore, be careful to play the characters in the meta by constantly following the patch notes. The following Apex Legends tips and tricks include important factors like this one.

Set a Safe Landing Location

Where you land in Apex Legends is critical. If you land in a very crowded place, you may find yourself in the middle of dozens of people who are trying to kill you. Therefore, try to land in a quieter and remote place. There are many places on the map that can be considered safe. By prioritizing those, you can condition yourself to land on a few spots, each game specific.

If you are playing with a group, even if you are not the Jumpmaster, you can make decisions that will completely change the course of the game by warning them. Remember that most players who land in the hot conflict at the beginning of the game are directly eliminated.

Communication is Key

Third on our list of Apex tips and tricks is communication, which of course, determines the fate of the game. Everything will become easier for you if you are in constant communication with your team and share critical information – for example, the opponent’s location or the region you are in. In a nutshell, communication and coordination will always take you one step ahead.

This tip is perhaps the only one of the tips and tricks for Apex Legends that you can’t do alone. Teammates who lack communication and constantly act on their own or are, worse yet, toxic can spoil all your enjoyment of the game. That’s why you can take advantage of the Apex boosts to play in a party with professional players. Furthermore, you will enjoy the games more.

Always Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Remember that Apex Legends is a game where enemies will pop up from everywhere. That is why it is critical that you learn how to get out of a bad scenario. Take the right position because you may not always be able to respond to the opponent. Make good use of your skills, and don’t waste them outside of a fight. Always be on the alert and prepared. Apex Legends tips like this will lead you to glory.


In this article, we have shared the tips for Apex Legends that will help you the most in the game. If you apply these Apex Legends tips by blending them with your own playing style, you will achieve very good results.

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