6 minutes from Dark Souls 3 in Viora

6 minutes from Dark Souls 3 in Viora
Studio From Software arranged a small stream on the eve, during which it became more and more and more seem that Dark Souls 3 And Bloodborne not just the children of one parent, but almost twins brothers.

Not only did the forest area shown in the excerpt, wildly reminds Yarm, so also the combat style of the character is partially taken by the hunter. Here you and the refusal of the shield in favor of girth darkened with both hands, and a quick step to the side instead of rolling. And this step towards sufficiently, including in order to bypass the enemy and apply a fatal blow to his back.

At all, From Software never hid that previous Bloodborne influenced the pace of battles in Dark Souls 3. And yesterday’s thief class demonstration (thief) proves this once again.

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