7 Tips for Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

7 Tips for Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront – computer game, 3rd in the Battlefront series. A fantastic action game that once again gave us the opportunity to participate in the legendary events of the famous Star Wars series. If you have bought or downloaded this game, and you already itching to pick up a Jedi’s lightsaber, blaster or fly a fighter, then this material is for you. We want to present you with important recommendations on game modes, things, weapons that should or should not be taken, strategies on the maps and much more … .. In case you have some more recommendations that we did not take into account – write them in the comments.

1) Drop Zone – pumping.

There is a little secret – the best place to start the game is with the Drop Zone mode. These are not epic battles that every Star Wars fan expects, but they can be easily and quickly pumped. In an hour of playing, you will reach at least the third rank, and also learn the features of the gameplay.

Pumping will open you – Star Cards (they are considered, in fact, equipment). Each of them has a limited number of uses, or, more simply, a timer. It is worth choosing them very carefully, since they play a tremendous value in the gameplay.

2) Cycler rifle.

Our advice to you is to open the Cycler rifle as soon as possible. Yes, it does not look very pretty, but it is single-shot and is great for combat at a distance and will kill to death. This “baby” is able to take out most of the opponents with one shot, if, of course, to hit the head, which is very difficult if you have problems with shooting on a gamepad. We don’t see the use in the Drop Zone, but the rifle goes well in Walker Assault (multiplayer mode). The long-range gun will become quite useful on large maps. But, unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to recharge.

3) Master the Jump Pack.

A large number of skirmishes in Star Wars: Battlefront are based on infantry conflict, which makes moving from one point of the map to another very, very boring. To avoid this, you need to learn how to use a jump-pack, which makes it possible to climb the highest points for shooting, well, or to overcome huge distances. It is also quite great for adventures and unexpected intrusions. The skill to use the Jump Pack is more useful than the weapon.

4) Study the terrain.

Similar to the Jump Pack experience, terrain awareness plays the most important role. If you do not know the place, then you cannot effectively use jumps, organize ambushes, hide and simply perceive where the enemies may come from.

Sullust is a mountainous area where others have every chance of cornering you. Use bombs to defend the landing modules.

Tatooine is a tiered level, with points to eliminate AT-ST. However, being in these positions, you can become a victim of jump troopers and speeders. Narrow spaces make it possible to kill several opponents.

Hott – use the passages and trenches. Do not run in open areas where you will be targeted by shooters and other weapons. Use the Jump Pack to jump behind opponents.

5) Use Ionic weapons against heavy equipment.

AT-AT, AT-ST, X-Wing and other equipment are a serious enemy. Ordinary blasters don’t work here. Use Ionic Grenades on not fast AT-ATs.

Use the star card – Ion Shot against the fast technique, it gives you a powerful blaster for a short time.

6) AT-AT can be destroyed only after the Y-Wing attack.

Do not try to attack the AT-AT until the bombardment of the Y-Wing is over.

Only later, this, you will be able to repair damage to him.

7) Play as a team.

Your feelings can be understood – this is Star Wars, and you want to jump into an AT-AT or Tie Fighter. However, do not forget that you are playing with others for a common goal. Sometimes attacking or defending a certain point is much more important than your personal ego. Apart from this, you will need practice to operate a particular technique.

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