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The first public demonstrations A FOLD APART Date as much as 2017, and the release date varied several times. At some point, the game was planned to release for Valentine’s Day – Still, this is a story about two lovers. As a result, the launch happened at that moment when the topic raised in the game was particularly relevant – during the period of widespread self-insulation, the couples living in different cities or even countries could not see each other for a long time. How hard is both in such a situation, and tells A FOLD APART.

One plus one

Long parting in this case is not connected with a pandemic, but with work. Architect (Paul of each hero, by the way, you define yourself – you can choose two guys) gets a dream invitation – it is offered to design a large building in the metropolis. It would be foolish to refuse this, and his second half seems to agree – hempsted, escorts at the airport. But as soon as the lover disappears, she begins to cry.

She is experiencing loneliness it is very painful, and a guy trying to go to work, begins to miss and suffer because of remorse. Maybe it should not agree to this work? Or the girl did not need to let him go so far and for a long time? Both you want for each other happiness, but in the end, both turn out to be unfortunate – you will not replace close contacts, and bitter from separation, which will last no day and not even a week, it does not disappear anyone, and with every moment they only get worse.

The game constantly switches between two heroes, which first cute cute, and then they are engaged in self-confidence. Answers in dialogs can be chosen, but this is only an attempt to add interactivity into conversations – all these replicas do not affect the outcome. Each time in a dialogue with someone’s part, the phrase, which a partner understands incorrectly, and the world around him begins to transform – the character is no longer walking along the corridor or the park, and it falls into a more gloomy location and reflexes.

Master Origami

At these moments from the game, which is walking from side to the side with reading dialogs, A FOLD APART turns into a puzzle. And the puzzle is very original – at least the cavity is difficult to remember where the riddles were based on similar mechanics. Each step is divided into sections that fit within the screen. Task – find a way to get to a big yellow star, touch her and then move on. Since it is not able to jump nor the other, the puzzles are solved by a non-standard way – all sections as if depicted on sheets of paper, and we can grab the edges and bend them.A FOLD APART GAME REVIEWHeroes never call each other – apparently, long-distance communication is too expensive.
Therefore, most stages have not only the front side, but also reverse, where useful objects are also located. For example, if you see a bursting platform, you may have been depicted from behind another one – fold the sheet and connect everything. Sometimes it is necessary to get up on the previously unattainable segment, and then cancel the last actions – the character will continue to stand in the same place, but the leaflet will be fully split.

On the one hand, sometimes only looks on both sides of the sheet enough to roughly understand what the game wants the game. On the other hand, the authors in each chapter come up with new mechanics that complicate the task and in the final third A FOLD APART It becomes noticeable more difficult (although it is still early or late experimental way). First you can bend the sheet only on both sides, then – from all four, after that, small cubes appear, with the help of which the hero is closer higher. Thanks to such innovations, the gameplay does not bother, and every new hitting in the world of depression and longing in the second half seems special, although they are engaged in essence, the same.

The increasing complexity and appearance of new barriers and possibilities are perfectly combined with what happens in the plot. Time is going, simple boredom turns into despair and melancholy. The heroes are more difficult to select words, and the player is more difficult to get to the stars and complete the levels. Therefore, even when the problems arising from characters seem slightly contrived, interest in the gameplay, not to the plot is not lost – I really want to see the final. And it turned out to be beautiful and very romantic – the perfect ending for such history.A FOLD APART GAME REVIEWCharacters are constantly trying to find answers to their questions.
Sorry, everything is completed for a maximum of three hours. Between chapters sometimes not enough additional dialogs, better revealing the inner world of heroes. If there are rare problems with riddles, this time will be reduced even more, plus prompts are always available in the menu. Although it is not quite true to call them with tips – the game literally passes the levels for you, turning step by step, how this or that puzzle is solved. But the puzzles here are not so shuttle, to have to constantly contact this option.

In the rest A FOLD APART produces a very pleasant impression. Heroes are similar to highly simplified models from cartoons Pixar, Surroundings are schematic, but very charming. The music is also wonderful – the compositions beautifully played on the piano want to listen and listen.

A small quarid is about localization. Phrases in English appear at levels gradually, sometimes you do not see the second part of the proposal until you pass half some stage. And the Russian translation immediately shown at the top of the screen, which makes such moments a little less spectacular.

If the enemies meet, they can’t harm.
A FOLD APART can cause different emotions – someone will simply empathize with the heroes, someone knows themselves in this story and betrayed memories. Would not say that the plot here is the same pierced as in last year ARISE: A Simple Story, – and the duration is not the one, and the strings of the souls here are nearing completely different. But the puzzle is definitely good, with excellent (and relevant in our times) theme and original riddles. Pay 1 349 rubles on the switch.

Pros: Cute style;wonderful music;Easy, but clear story, perfectly combined with gameplay;Original puzzles;Each chapter offers riddles with new conditions.

Minuses: Small duration;high price.

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