A Vampyre Story 2 Looking for an Investor

A Vampyre Story 2 Looking for an Investor
Very pretty adventurchur 2008 A Vampyre Story did not enter the list of recognized masterpieces of the genre, but received enough warm words and high marks. The game was short, but it was the most brief thing that was listed in the relatives of the talent itself. Especially since the developers promised at least a trilogy.

Alas, promises can remain just promises. Because the development of the sequel is stopped. And the publisher of the game Crimson Cow Speaks about the possibility of the worst option, if the investor does not succeed. At the moment A Vampyre Story 2 It is ready by about 30% – no matter the case has advanced for those who have passed since the release of the original three years. If the game is closed, it will be a shame.

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