About Why War Thunder Will Be Released On Playstation 4 And Will Not Be Released On Xbox One

At the beginning of this week, the domestic company Gaijin Entertainment confirmed that the freactive warning simulator of the Second World War War Thunder, Which currently open beta is tested on computers, will enter the start line of PlayStation 4. Developers especially attract a simple and convenient social toolkit of the system, as well as the possibility of cutting video confant. By the way, Xbox One with these tasks seems to be able to determine no worse, so why did the developers bypassed her attention?

In order to get to the truth, EDGE journalists caused two designers at face War Thunder – Antona And Kirill Yudintsy. As it turned out, with Sony It is easier to work: she created all the conditions for the flourishing of the free PS4 and allowed the possibility of cross-platform game with PC-gamers without any obstacle. In addition, a certain digital agreement was concluded Gaijin Entertainment Release updates for computer and PS4 versions War Thunder At the same time – which is very good and convenient for both developers and players. Another important reason for which the choice fell on the console Sony, – similar to PC architecture, which also simplifies the possibility of simultaneous issuance of updates.
To the question of correspondents about whether Xbox One is considering as a potential platform for War Thunder, Yudintsov replied evado-. MOL, Microsoft It is also necessary to determine the politician against freege and independent developers. While she only says a lot and spreads his hands, but no longer saw some decisive action from Redmonds. Now to release an update for the game, developers still need to pass the tedious and costly certification procedure, and this is very bad for MMO projects.

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