According To Intel’S Assumptions, The Supply Of Video Cards And Consoles Will Not Be Applied Until 2023

Intel published a financial report, the results of which were weaker than the expected. According to the company, there are problems with the supply of chips that are now affected by the entire industry.

In an interview with CNBC Chapter Intel suggested that the lack of semiconductors will last at least until 2023:

The position is now worst. Each quarter of next year it will gradually improve, but the balance of demand and suggestions will not work until 2023.

Pat Gelsanger (Pat Gelsinger), General Director Intel

On the other hand, because of the Pandemic PC business is growing. According to Intel, The market has become “structurally more, according to the type of business, where it is sold on a million units every day”. Now sales rates on the background of COVID-19 slow down, but the total trend on the growth of sales PC will continue, believes Gelsanger.

According to Intel

Interruptions in the supply of semiconductors affect the availability of video cards and new generation consoles. And the situation is curious: despite the fact that PlayStation 5 hits the sales records in history Sony, Console is difficult to find in stores (especially at recommended prices). Apparently, if the semiconductors were enough, the circulations would be even more.

Forecasts of other IT-industry giants are similar to Intelovsky:

  • Chapter AMD Lisa Su (Lisa SU) believes that problems with chip supplies can go to the decline in the second half of the 2022th.
  • CHAPTER XBOX Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) expects that in 2022 xbox Series, there will still be supplied interruptions (although not only semiconductors are mixed here, but also other complexities of the market adds Spencer).
  • One of the bosses Toshiba Takei Kamebuti (Takeshi Kamebuch9) is expressed as: “Chip supplies will remain very limited at least until September 2022. In some cases, we will not be able to fully serve our customers until 2023.
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