“After 4 Years Of Development And 25 Years Of Dreams” Humankind Is Preparing For Release – The Authors Have Rolled Out A List Of Changes After The Zbt

Start of the Global Strategy Humankind from Amplitude should take place in two weeks, so the developers actively finish their brainchild. The authors told how the game changed after closed beta testing, and also warned that the version of the Mac version was postponed for a month.

Collecting Fidbeck after the ZBT, Amplitude made a number of edits in the game.

  • Changed the cost of research and threshold values to go to the next era in order to bring both parameters in accordance with the desired session duration.
  • Rebalansed many cultures.
  • Religions added new dogmas with more due to the consequences. Most likely, the selected faith will gently push the game to a certain style, offering bonuses only with specific circumstances.
  • Taught artificial intelligence better to manage the economies and mission of armies. Still changed the balance of difficulty levels.
  • Corrected some social institutions and ideologies to interact with the system without losing the main source of stability.
  • Introduced new skills for units – now battles with the participation of powder guns are felt different.
  • From now on, there are pollution mechanics in the strategy, which is included at the end of the fifth era.
  • Improved diplomacy: they made it deeper, and also updated contracts and introduced a more understandable interface.
  • Other changes: Educational videos for beginners, improved descriptions of social institutions and their effects, fixed card for two tutorials.

However, the owners of MAC have to wait another month before appreciating all innovations. Amplitude explained that at the moment they solve problems with certain system configurations and multiplayer.

Release Humankind It will take place on August 17 on PC through Steam and Epic Games Store.

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