Age Of Empires 2: Age Of Kings: Tips And Tactics

Against RS (computers) – tactics have already been described, although the tactics are almost the same (just the more difficulty – the more initial resources will receive your enemy and no more).
Here are some tips on the game against another player on the network (it is also very coming against the RS).
I write these tips to calculate that you play without codes and all technologies (if you put a tick then all races will lose your bonuses and equalize).
Oyoe2 game is so balanced that any raw can resist not how much with the right tactics of fighting. So in order:
In the game on the network, your opponent will not run to you on 1 unit, most likely to take 1 – 2 detachments from 40 units in each +1 – 2 required (siege tool). Almost every unit has its own bonuses against something (the speakers against the cavalry, at the throwers of copies against the rifle troops and T.D.) I will give only no examples of applying such tactics in particularly dangerous moments.
Against 40 elephants (Persians) of the attackers you need to push at least 15 – 20 alabartists and elephants as nibolova. They are very well suited against any “cavalier” unit (elephants, camels, horses t. D.). Do not build exclusively these troops (alabarters) against Persians, because the player at the other end of the network may foresee such a turn of events and simply customize most of the canonirov and only a dozen elephants (which is enough for your database).
We all know that Maya and the British are the most that neither there is “beasts” (Maya = fast archers with pen / britis = snipers with a radius of lesion 12 (6 + 6)) for archery. Against such snipers fits well game Gotam9. Elite Huskarl is made in barracks for 1 – 2 seconds (if you have developed a unique Goth technology of course), like all units to the barracks are ready. Huskarla has increased protection against rifle attacks. If you play another civilization, then 100% will be elite speakers spears. They have bad damage, poor protection against physical. Attacks, but (!) have a fantastic bonus against rifle units.
For scrambled, put 20 elite speakers of spears VS 40 crossbars (also developed to Max).
It was mentioned that the Turks have inaccurate, powerful units called Yanychars.
I would like to disassemble this issue in order:
1. Shooting accuracy develops in the dash of archers.
2. Playing Turks You should know that this game is done by cannon towers and guns, because Turks have a bonus of radius of damage to towers (12/8 + 5), as well as +2 radius for guns. Yanychars are often used only to protect their guns from the enemy attack, everything is all doing guns.
3. There is not so many stone in the game for the construction of a large number of cannon towers, but will definitely have any way – a resource that will be abundant and which will be possible to sell, but to buy a st1.
4. Turks have one serious minus that fell in the advantages of this race. The minus lies in the fact that you can not raise the speakers to the spearnysts => Alebardists, although who cares about the attacks of the tower 120 and the Yanychar attacks at 22.
Finally, Aztekakh.
Aztecs in the imperial era appears a unique technology that gives +4 attacks by infantry units (physical. attack). Although they have no equestrian units, eagles wars with ease will replace any paladin. They are fast, less susceptible to rifle attacks and cause salid damage to enemies, because the attack is added to their attack +4. Barracks work 20% faster and the most pleasant, relics in the temple produce 33% faster gold, which is not minimal in the game on the network 1 vs 1, when do not trade.
All detailed information you can find out the scattering technologies in the game.
In principle, all I wanted to say.

P.FROM. I hope – these tips helped you something. Good luck!

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