Age Of Empires Iv Support Plan For The Coming Winter And Spring

Studio Relic Entertainment And World’s Edge Published development plan Age of Empires IV until summer 2022. All coming new items did not reveal, limited by several examples.


  • Ability to view in-game glasses.
  • Transferring the Chinese dynasty user interface button to the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Ability to view a card after the fight.
  • Mini Card Improvements:
    • Reduced Size Icons.
    • Compliance with the “Wonders of Light” icon its display in the interface.
    • Increased size of the main center of the city compared to other points.
    • Changed colors of some resources.
  • Weakening of the French Ship Hulk.
  • Increase the efficiency of crossbars, kopechikov and elite crossbars against cavalry.
  • Significant reducing the price of the browser of the REPEATER of the Chinese civilization.
  • The detachment of prelates will be able to continue to inspire after the pure.
  • Correction of “Mongolian Mobility” for the correct use of speed modifier.
  • Correction of permanent duplication of relics for civilization of RUSS.

Age of Empires IV Officially Released on 10/28, and WE’VE Loved Watching You Play! We Are SO Grateful to Our Community for Keeping The Spirit of Age Alive and for Those of You Joining Us for the First Time WITH AGE IV.

Let’s Take A Look At What’s COMING: HTTPS: // T.CO / WC1xre6TRM PIC.Twitter.COM / 7JW4F9HSAP

– Age of Empires (@ageofempires) November 17, 2021


  • Tools for creating custom content.
  • Rating seasons for 12 weeks, which can earn exclusive awards.
  • Improvement post cards, including patrol path.

Spring and / or Further

  • Global construction scene.
  • Improved Display Stage Statistics.
  • Improving hot keys.
  • Ridicule and cheat codes.
  • Balancing of the complexity of artificial intelligence.
  • Indicators of Path Points.
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