Albion Online: Alfa’s successes, preparation for “Bethe”

Albion Online: Alfa’s successes, preparation for “Bethe”
Company Sandbox Interactive announced the completion of the four-week alpha testing MMO-sand Albion Online. According to the developers, players gladly shared tips and wishes that will definitely be taken into account in future plans.

Briefly about what a beta version awaits Albion Online:

• Align the powerful power curve in order to balance PVP;
• Adaptation of equipment to 19 different battle styles;
• removal of silver tax;
• full processing of the learning glasses system;
• expansion of the “Gate of hell” concept (for example, Gates 1 per 1 or 5 to 5 to 5);
• introduction of PVP events of the open world;
• Improved guild and logs management tools.

If not briefly, then you here. Also Sandbox Interactive boasted the achievements of Alpha Albion Online.

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