Alone In The Dark: Tips

If you have a need to replenish your health, then you can always find what you need in a taxi car. And yet, move away from the taxi so that it is not visible on the radar, and stalemate again approach it. Voila! “Medbalonchik” is back in the taxi. 1 tip
When passing through the 8th chapter in a trap with an abyss and labyrinth paths, it is not necessary to take a board and set it on fire, thereby triggering the trap mechanism.
It is easier to act in a way not foreseen by the developers – standing on the platform at the entrance, stand on the left front edge and try to jump over the board, which is on the symbol. Then look up and walk, guided by the paths on the ceiling. 2 advice
Chapter 8. Passing the protective screen around the “Secret Entrance”.
Given: Ghost Sight 100 (min 70+);
Explosion. plastic bottle-VPB (with glass it turns out much worse);
Objective: Burn the Root of Evil in the yard.
Solution: We come to the protective screen by car, put it right next to it in a place that is well “thrown” from the hand, climb onto the roof of the car, take the pistol and VPB, send it from above through the screen towards the root. At the same time, target location is carried out in slow motion. It is important to make a shot at the end of the bottle; so that the ignited contents seem to shower the root with a fiery shower.
When you first get to the park, the very first mission is to run to the toilet and bandage the wound. There is another closet next to the closet where the bandages are. There are cartridges and all kinds of bullshit. In this closet, you can fill up to hell of cartridges. It is done like this:
1. Open the box
2. We take cartridges
3. Close
4. We open. Voila! Cartridges in place!
4 tip
In the game, a monster can only be killed with fire, for this you can use a can and a lighter, but it ends quickly (3-4 seconds and 20% into the pipe). But if you make one short click, then the spray will not diminish in the least (!), And the monster will inflame with a hell of a flame (this also affects chairs and trees).

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