Amd Found A Recipe For Luxury Hair

If you now start some super technological shooter like Crysis 3 At the maximum graphic settings, you will certainly admire the photorealistic persons of people, convincingly recreated vegetation, in Hollywood spectacular explosions, tesselted toads – yes, but not only on the heads of characters. Because there are no them there at all (pay attention to the dominance of shaved and briefly tonsured heroes in video games), or there is, but they often look like the worst nightmare nightmare of any stylist. There were, of course, more or less successful attempts to create realistic hairstyles that belonged to the main Japanese (Final Fantasy 13 – a good example), however, the general picture looks depressingly.

But there is a panacea, and her name TressFX Hair. This is a new AMD technology that allows you to imitate real hair. The model was chosen a charming Lara Croft from restarting Tomb Raider. Below are screenshots where you can estimate the condition of Lara hair before and after use TressFX Hair – the result speaks for itself!

Consider the work of the algorithm: the hairstyle is represented as an array of thousands of strands of the hair, each strand, in turn, is calculated as a chain with a large number of links. At the same time, such factors such as inertia, gravity, strength and direction of wind are influenced by an array. Collision Detection System does not allow hair to pass through clothes, character body and other solid surfaces.

Until now, such an impressive lap could be observed except in CGI scenes, but now everything will be carried out in real time by video cards with the architecture of Graphics Core Next. Let’s hope, the developers will turn their closer attention to technology, and the heroine video game, in addition to the highly polonal busts, still luxury silky hair will appear.

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