American McGee’s Alice: Tips and Tactics for the Game

On the “Great Labyrinth” tour, at the very end of it, many of you probably spent your time luring any evil spirits to the rune in order to keep the portal open.
Everything can be made easier! Stand on the hieroglyph, the gate will open, take out the Hatter’s watch and stop time. Then calmly go to the portal. I wish you all the same to kick … the ears of the Queen of Hearts!

The caterpillar can be killed very easily. When you shoot all the charges, hide behind the stone in the center of the cave. Make sure this butterfly food doesn’t notice you. When you regain energy, attack again. This can be done most effectively with the Ice Rod. But not in long lines, but in short ones. In addition, at the edge of the cave there is a grasshopper, picking up which, Alice accelerates and jumps higher.

When you pass the dragon for the second time, you can hide behind the wing of a griffin, and armed with a knife and using it only as a second weapon, without moving from the spot you will easily kill the dragon.

At the end of the maze, you can catch a nasty down and make him stand on the rune, you can, as already said, stop time, but you don’t need to spend an hour, just take an ice wand and put an ice block on the rune. all ingenious is simple =))))

On how to get the Ugly Down.
You need to take cards and send down in small bursts. Stand so that both the down and the cards fly towards the rune.

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