Anno 1800 Has Become The Most Fast-Selling Game In The Series

In late March Ubisoft reported that after the release of a city planning simulator Anno 1800 It will be possible to buy only in Epic Games Store and Uplay. Fortunately for developers, it did not lead to the scandal. Furthermore, Anno 1800 can become the most successful part of the series.

Brand Manager Ubisoft Blue Byte Marseil Hatam (Marcel Hatam) announced that Anno 1800 It turned out to be the most fast franchise game. On the day of launching peak online new products exceeded the same indicator Anno 2205 four times.

Also employee Ubisoft Share in curious statistics for the first week:

• Players settled 3 285 250 islands.
• The cities settled 6,990,370,693 inhabitants.
• Gamers squeezed grain 1 122 057 070 fields.
• built 15,958 World Building Buildings.
• Created 282,300 cruisers.
• 451 141 linear ship in battles.

Incredibly Proud to Be Finally Able to Say This: # Anno1800 is the fastest selling game in Anno Franchise History, Having Four Times More Players On Day 1 Than Anno 2205 Had.

See Below For Some Stats From Week 1.

Thanks to Everyone Who Supported Our Game <3 #pcgaming #GameDev Pic.Twitter.COM / WHVCNFMJM9

– Marcel Hatam, First and Only of His Name (@Com_Raven) April 29, 2019.
According to Steam Charts, at the same time Anno 1800 Visited a maximum of 25.2 thousand users, and Anno 2205 – 7.4 thousand. The latter part of the series in Epic Games Store and Uplay are unknown.

Anno 1800 Going to actively maintain – for the simulator are scheduled for both free and paid additives. Additions will expand the world, introduce a botanical garden, music pavilion, joint mode and much more. For more information about the post-year development of the project, we wrote in this news.

From us last at the moment Anno received “commendable”. Advantages and disadvantages of the game are listed in video circulation below.

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