Announcement Endwalker – Supplements For Final Fantasy Xiv With Travel On The Moon And Farmers Island

Square Enix Announces the following large extension for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIVEndwalker. Apparently, the name is associated with plot features: the supplement completes the large-scale history that began in A Realm Reborn.

IN Endwalker Show the battle of the battle between Heidalin and Zodark – local gods of light and darkness. And although the climax will most please the veterans Ffxiv, She will become a good entry point for newbies – Supplement lays the basis for fresh adventures in the world of games.

Among other features Endwalker:

  • Traveling to Harlemand, Tavner, Raz-et-Khan and on the moon.
  • New specializes.
  • Improving the maximum level from the 80th to the 90th.
  • New tribe – Arcasodar.
  • New threats, including anime.
  • New dungeons.
  • New Mode for PVP, designed for a small number of players.
  • New Recipes for Equipment and Kraft.
  • New residential area – Ishgard.
  • New island refuge, where you can relax, raise animals, engage in garden and enjoy beautiful species.

April 13 will launch open beta testing version Ffxiv For PlayStation 5. Assembly for nexgen includes a significantly increased frame frequency, accelerated downloads, support for 4K permissions and not only.

Users who already have Ffxiv For PS4, get a version for PS5 for free. Those who are still unfamiliar with the game, as part of the open test, will be able to play a trial where content is A Realm Reborn And Heavensward up to patch 3.56. When the foundation is completed, beginners will be offered to purchase the full version of the game.

Release Endwalker It will take place in the fall of the 2021th on the same platforms where the main Final Fantasy XIV, – on PC and PlayStation. The game option for PS5 starts shortly after the end of the foundation, but when it happens, does not specify.

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