Announcement New Frontier Pass – Seasonal Subscription For Civilization Vi With New Nations, Leaders And Modes

Firaxis Games And 2k Prepare a series of content additives for LED Meyer’s Civility. Updates will go out within a seasonal subscription NEW FRONTIER PASS.

Six add-ons are included in the passage. They will be released from May 2020 to March 2021. The developers have already revealed the contents of the sets:

  • May & Columbia Pask (May 2020) – two civilizations and the same leader, as well as the “Apocalypse” mode (DLC required Gathering Storm), city-states, resources and natural wonders.
  • Ethiopia Pack (July 2020) – Civilization, Leader, Secret Society regime (DLC required Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm), district and two buildings.
  • The third set (September 2020) is two civilizations and two leaders, a new mode (DLC required Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm), wonders of light and map.
  • Fourth set (November 2020) – civilization and leader, new regime, city cities and many great people.
  • The fifth set (January 2021th) is one civilization and two leaders (for the use of the new leader requires DLC Rise and Fall), new regime, district and two buildings.
  • Sixth Set (March 2021) – Civilization and Leader, New Mode, Wonders of Light and Map.

New modes may contain additional content – units, buildings or improvements. Modes are allowed to enable and disable when setting up the game to make significant changes to the Party Rules.

Buyers NEW FRONTIER PASS Also get two extensions that will update the appearance and skills of France and America’s leaders. “Ceady Horseman Teddy” supports the world in his native continent, and “magnificent Catherine” with rare resources will turn his country to the center of culture and tourism. These DLC start in July.

Besides, Firaxis Promises six free updates with balance sheets and fresh content.

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