Announcement of the game “Eastern Front: Crash Anenerbe”

Announcement of the game “Eastern Front: Crash Anenerbe”
Russobit-M“Both the company Burut Ct Announces the conclusion of a contract for publication in Russia and the CIS countries of the project “Eastern Front: Crash Anenerbe“- Continued 3D-shooter”Eastern front. Unknown War“.
The plot of Sikvel continues to develop the topic of alternative history of the Second World War.
1945 year. The Third Reich is almost broken, but the “legacy of ancestors” does not stop conducting occult experiments. Diversian Karl Stolz and his girlfriend Maria Schneider get a dangerous task – to find out the appointment of cargo sent by the Nazis to Tibet and stop the activities of one of the most secret laboratories Aneserbe.
Preliminary release date – May 2007. follow the news.

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