Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia: Passage

PART 1. Sunset dynasty

Additional task: Decorate documents from the Templars (0/3).

Animus fragments – 0/11.

Chest – 0/1.

Purpose: Sense through the tram depot and log in to the house of the Minister.

We proceed to passing Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia on the website StopGame.Ru. For those who have not played this spin-lot, at the beginning of the passage will tell in brief about the management. Management in the game is carried out according to the “Keyboard + Mouse” scheme. Keys w, s, a, d are responsible for the movement of the character. To start, click on the left Ctrl. To run, press and hold the left shift. As usual, the jump is carried out by pressing the “Space” key.

Right to the right, then click on W to catch the rope and slip down. Go to the right and see the red pipe. A hint appears that you can climb it by pressing all the same w key. Do not hurry! Pass down the backward and see the aulmus fragment under the balcony (1/11).

Climb over the pipe upstairs. Go to the right and see two soldiers. Get on, then sneak to one of them from behind and steal the supplies by pressing the C key. Return back and on the speakers on the wall climb above. Jump on the stairs to the right and go through a thin pipe.

Next you will see a soldier with a weapon standing on the balcony. There is a lantern. To confuse a soldier, shoot this lantern. Press the “2” key to select the rifle, then hold the F key and move the mouse on the table for aiming. Having done this, shoot the G key. Quickly go down the tram. To fall off the object on which you hang, press the C key. Left on the tram there is another ackle of animus (2/11).

Go down from the tram to the ground and close to the opponents. You will have a hint. By pressing the G key under the object on which you can hang, you will use the swan. So you can hang on the red protrusions under the balcony and get past two soldiers ahead.

Climb up the right on the building, jump on the ladder on the right and pick up the balcony. There is a red rope for which you can run inside the minister’s house (click on the S key).

Purpose: Activate Elevator.

In the background, you see the phone on the windowsill. Go to it and hold the W key to call and distract the security guard on the first floor. He will leave left. Go to the door to the right and hack it while holding the C key. To invoke an elevator, select a winch in the inventory by pressing the “4” key, aim using the mouse and the F keys (as with a gun), and then shoot by pressing G.

When the elevator rises, go inside and click on W to go down down. Go to the room on the left, get on to the left Ctrl to hide behind the furniture. When the guard ceases to search and go left, then sneak to it and disarm, holding the left mouse button. Get on near his body and clamp C to search. Go to the wall on the left, use the swan, as they did before to snatch the grid.

Purpose: Clear the tram station.

Select out and climb on the post. Jump to the ladder to the right and pick up the roof of the building. Go to the right and see chimneys. To hide, press the w key, standing near the pipe. Click D to drive the pipe. The same key to run to another pipe. When the guar turns out, move to another pipe. Make the same thing to move to the extreme right tube. When the guard turns back again, press the S key to move away from the pipe. Choose to the stairs from below and go down using all the same key s.

Scroll down and right. Cut the building and jump down. Pick the Animus fragment (3/11).

Purpose: Get to the tram to the pass point.

Right to the right, descend from the roof building below. In the background you will see a pathway deep-screen. But do not rush! Go to the building to the right and pick up the Animus fragment (4/11) from another house.

Return and go deep into the screen. Pick the Animus fragment from the wall on the left (5/11), go to the right and see two ways down and right. First go to the right and see the sleeping Templar. To the right of him there is a guard. It periodically looks to the left and right. When he turns out, then sneak to the sleeping guard and steal documents from him (1/3) on the additional task.

Go down to the tram. After a couple of seconds it will come. On the roofs of buildings in the background will be two soldiers. You see yellow circles. These are field review fields. You do not have to get into the Ferris field. Get on to slip under the circles. The second guard will periodically look down. So he did not notice you, run in the opposite direction until the train goes. When the circle rises up, run to the right and get enough.Passage of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: RussiaIn the game you will have a few times to ride on the roof of the tram.
Purpose: Go through through the Bottpoint Building.

Follow the tram and see that the soldiers stopped him. Raise the balcony building on red protrusions in the background. Go to the right to a red post. Climb on the post and upstairs Take a fragment of animus (6/11). Jump to the guard on the right and neutralize it by holding the left mouse button.

Go down on the roof of the veranda and go to the right to other protractions on the building. Purchase inside the building where the sleeping soldier is. Surface yourself and steal smoke grenades.

Select from the building through another window and descend a bit on the protrusions. Jump from them by pressing the C key. On the left under the veranda there is a fragment of animus (7/11). Take it when the guard first goes to the right, and then turn away and go left. Right to the right and on the protrusions on the building rise above.

You will see a sergeant-militia. Choose smoke grenades by clicking on the “3” key. Hold f, move the mouse to aim, and then throw a smoke grenade into the feet, pressing the G key. Quickly climb upstairs. You can neutralize the enemy, and you can go right. Surride on the roof of the building with chimns and the goal will be updated.

Purpose: Get to the other side of the bridge.

Raise to another building and a reference to the background. Move on the right, follow the right and jump down the cliff.

Select from the flower beds by pressing the S key. Right to the right and leave to the back plan on the red rope. By boats first go to the left left. The wall will be a fragment of animus (8/11). Return to the middle of the boats and leave the screen will go through. Note that under the bridge there is a fragment of animus. But while it is impossible to get it.

Rail to the left and jump on the stairs. Rising upstairs, do not rush to climb above, and go down on the speakers on the wall down. Here will be a secret chest (1/1). Open it, approaching close and pressing the w key.

Rising up the stairs, you will see four soldiers. Three will go right away, two – left. When one of the two soldiers, which left to the left, will turn away to the right (the second will go to the door before), climb upstairs, run up to it and neutralize. Take the body by clicking on the C key (standing), and take it left. Go to the left. See ahead at the bottom of the bridge there are red protrusions. When the soldier turns away and leaves, then run up to the protrusions and go down. On the protrusions, scroll to the right, bring over the protrusions under the bridge and hang on them. Slight to the right you will see the very fragment of animus (9/11), described earlier.

Top You See Three Soldiers. Be that as it may, one of them has secret documents. You must rise to it and pick up these documents (2/3).

Tighten the platform from above with a winch. Jump on it immediately because it will instantly come into motion and rolled to the right. Go down to the ledge, go to the right and see the bottom of two soldiers. They look to the left up, then go down. When the nearest soldier turns out, jump down and neutralize it. Do the same with the second. Both bodies can be seen. Climb the tram and go to the right.

Purpose: Eliminate the soldiers, being on the roof.

Close to the roof, go right to the firing position (two red suitcase). Press once on the C key to enter the aiming mode. Hold down the F key to enlarge overview. G – Shot. Take a sight and kill four opponents. Next, two more will be resorted – kill them (they will already shoot you).

Purpose: Free the way to home Ipatiev.

Go to the right, climb the stairs and scraper on the building. On the rope, turn deep into the screen and near the house on the left, find the Animus fragment (10/11) – where you killed a soldier.

Move right and see hydraulic mine. If you walk next to her, she will blow up. But how then opponents move past it? They have a magnetic key. You can move past Mines, moving behind the enemy, or you can just steal the magnetic key.

Jump down when the guar will only turn right. Follow him and neutralize. Name to find a magnetic key. Pass boldly past mines, and you will see two more enemies talking to each other. Surride to them and steal from what is left, secret documents (3/3).

Return back, on the protrusions on the building, climb upstairs and move to the visor. Move on speakers under the visor. When you look at the front of the guards from below (chatting with each other), then jump down behind the right soldier. Store the magnetic key from him, climb by the winch on the visor and scroll to the right. Jump to the right of wooden boxes, pass by Mina and take the ackle of animus (11/11).

Raise again with a winch on the protrusions under the visor. Lock a little left and with the W key, go to the visor.

From here there is a red rope leading to the front of the screen. Severate there, go to the right and see the house of Ipatlava. You need to deal with the security, without raising anxiety. Stand on the firepoint and kill all the soldiers, except those that from above (two standing next to each other). You need to kill four soldiers – two go to the left side, one stands on Earth in the right part and one more looks out there from the window.

As for those two soldiers on the roof, then you must distract them, shooting them to the lantern right. Quickly oversee the side. By the way, when their alertness decreases, they will still remain near the lantern and will talk. Select on the other side on the red beam, go down and wait for the corpses of two soldiers to the left of Min. One of them will find a magnetic map. We run past the min, climb on the last protrusions inside the building and go to the balcony. On this first part completed.

PART 2. The rage of “red”

Additional task: Store the jewelry to raise money on escape.

Shards Animus 0/6.

Chest 2/2.

Purpose: penetrate the territory adjacent to the house of the Ipatyev.

Go forward, climb on the protrusion and follow the screen of the screen. You will find yourself inside the building. Please note that the floors are wooden here. If you go a regular step or, moreover, run, then the floors make sounds. These sounds are shown on the screen. If the circle that comes from you is touched by the enemy, it will be prevalent and goes to check the noise source. Come to the edge and see on the second floor on the right red shield. Shot in it with a swan, and then press the G key to turn off the electricity. In the dark, the range of opponents is below.Passage of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: RussiaHalf-lined floors, dilapidated. Their creak can attract the attention of enemies.
Hang from the protrusion and scroll down the ceiling until the left left, to the wall. Jump down by clicking on C, and open the chest (1/2). Boldly approach the sleeping soldier and neutralize it. Neutralize and that enemy is worth the right. Please note that there are two soldiers on the second floor. One of them looks down. When he will look down to the right, then run up under the ceiling of the second floor, where both opponents are standing, and click on G so that with the winch clocks behind the ceiling protrusions.

Scroll to the right on the ceiling until you stop and then jump down. You can neutralize a soldier who stayed one on the first floor. Select through the outside window. But be sure that the soldier from the second floor does not look out the window. Climb on the red post until you stop and jump left. Orlov must grasp the protrusions on the wall under the second floor window. Rear to the second floor, you can neutralize the patroling enemy. Pick up the first Animus fragment (1/6). Two soldiers can not touch.

Get back to the street and go to the fence on the right. There is a hole in it, but the electrical cable stretches. You need to create overload. Shot the swan into an electrical box on the top of the post and again click on G to submit an electric charge. Now slip under the fence. You will find yourself in the courtyard at home.

Purpose: Complete the courtyard and log in to the house.

When the enemy goes right, then climb on the red post. When he comes to the post, then jump right. The fact is that the yellow circle is shown the direction in which the soldiers looks in the background. And he looks constantly on his partner. From the pillar you jump them. Move to the green barrier and hide behind him by clicking on W. When the enemy comes to you, and the second soldier will turn to the right (watch the yellow circle), then press the left mouse button. You will destruct the enemy, and hide it behind the green barrier. Automatically you will find a magnetic key from mines near the window.

Rail to the second enemy and stun it. Move on the back plan on the red path. Use the winch to the generator to the right, and then overload it. Do not rush to leave here! Run to the left in the opposite direction, but already a path in the depths of the screen. You will find a fragment of animus (2/6). Return to the window and crawl through it inside the building.

Purpose: look for a casket in the back of the building.

Additional task: Steal the jewel 0/2.

Move right and see the passage of the wall at thenime. Take there and go even to the right. You will find yourself near the exit with two enemies. They will not leave if only you do not histse the left, or do not throw a smoke grenade. Having done anyway, chosen and follow a little right. Rear to another braase on the top of the wall. Move the right and jump down. Get out of the walls it is impossible, because the enemy looks at LAZ. Hang to the left of him so that he turned away. Choose and move to the right. In the foreground glitters the window frame, see? Almost noticeable. Come to her and click on s to get out of the building. Jump down and move left.

Purpose: look for a casket in the southern part of the building.

In the bushes under the window, from which the enemy looks out, you can hide. Select them and click on w. Follow the left, go upstairs and scroll around the wall. The enemy from the window can be killed by following closer and clicking on the left mouse button. Move more to the right and higher, and then roll over the angle of the building.

You will see how one of the soldiers closes the door to the key. You must select this key. When the enemies come down to the first floor, then we run under the scored boards, go through the middle of the room and select out through the window by clicking on S. When the enemies go past you, then kill the last of them. Quickly jump and neutralize the key. Take this key. Select through the same window, go down and hang on the windowsill of another window, this time the first floor. When the soldier turns away, pick up the building and go to the right. Open the door using the key (you need to hold the C key).

In the next part of the house, there are still two floors. Four enemies will be upstairs. Call the phone. When one of the enemies take it, shoot in the phone near you with a swan and click again on G to stun the enemy with electricity.

When the alarm decides, you select through the window and jump onto the ground. Go left and climb on the wall upstairs. Jump right to the second floor window. Here Try to collect two enemies by the window and throw a smoke grenade. If it turns out, then kill both immediately. If not, then kill at least one enemy, and then hide behind the wall through the right niche. You, by the way, get to the secret room. Go to the picture on the wall, aim in it with a swan, shoot and pull. The picture will move away. Sick in the safe door, pull and take the jewelry (1/2).

Observe with the remaining opponents, go back to the fore and through the second floor exit outside, using the window to the right. Run to the right on the roof, move through the protrusion and find the animus fragment (3/6). From this roof you can go down the right to the right and below. Move to the right to go down the buildings and roll over the standards.

Purpose: look for a box in the eastern part of the building.

So, you will find yourself in a small extension of the type of greenhouse. Downstairs sleeps soldiers below. To the right of three mines, followed by patrol. Go down and pick up the oranges through the window. Move into the right side of the greenhouse and open the last chest (2/2).

Return back to the window and wait when patrol will pass by him left. Get out through the window, neutralize one and other guard. That soldier who patrolling the street will be a magnetic key. Take the key and pass by the mines to the right to the right to find the animus fragment (4/6). We continue to pass the passage of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia on the website StopGame.Ru.

Return to the left, climb upstairs and cross the building to return to the previous screen. Go away a little left and climb up the wall on the wall, and then turn right again. You will be over the greenhouse, in the depths of the screen. Learn above the same protrusion (at the corner of the building), jump right and choose to the roof. On the right side lies another ackle of animus (5/6). Another fragment I accidentally picked up somewhere in the previous part of the game. He is in a prominent place and you will find it anyway.

Pick up the building through the window and neutralize one soldier when he will be at the door to the right. Neutralize and other. Open the door to the right, disperse with the enemy. You can deal with another two. Chosen out, go down and pick up the other part of the building through the window on the right. Call the phone, and when the opponent takes the tube from above, then apply a flue with an electric charge. Get out through the window, climb to the top of the post and jump to the window on the left, on the second floor. Jump in the room, open the picture and safe to pick up the jewelry (2/2).

Purpose: Find the entrance to the basement.

Just choose from the building and descend through the hole on the right.

Purpose: Find a girl earlier than the Templars.

Move through the basement. Give past the enemies while the light is disabled. Other opponents neutralize (which move). Roll over the angle, go to the room and time will slow down for a while. Shot in three opponents, because you have more cartridges and no. The last enemy will need to kill in the near battle. Rail to it, first take a few times with the left mouse button, and then click on the right mouse button to carry out a powerful attack and kill it. See the cat scene.

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