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Assassin cread syndicate

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – this is a continuation of the story of gallant assassins confronting the bloodthirsty Templars. The game was released on October 23, 2015 by the well-known company Ubisoft, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows platforms. In this guide, you will get acquainted with some recommendations that will help simplify the passage … Articles on other games from Ubisoft are available at the links: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, Far Cry 4, Anno 2205, Far Cry Primal.

# 1 Loot from opponents

Almost all things that can be done, or significantly improved, strongly ask for the presence of this or that material. But no one is going to give you upgrades and other things for free – you need money. Therefore, it is important that you search any foes you come across. They stunned them or killed them, one way or another, after these actions, it may be possible to search them. Therefore, the more loot you collect, the better it will be for you. Thus, you will acquire, a new weapon or upgrade your arsenal much faster.

# 2 Move on the rooftops.

Navigating 19th century Victorian London is not easy due to the plethora of enemies in various gangs. They are spread across all the streets of the city. Having climbed onto the roofs of buildings, you will run to the upcoming control point only along the roof, that is, the probability of remaining incognito for the enemy. In addition to all this, there are viewpoints on top that will help mark enemies. Again, we remind you of the first recommendation – some rivals should be eliminated for a subsequent search.

Move on rooftops

# 3 Use carriages.

Although moving up the top will save you from unexpected encounters with enemies, it will not add to the speed of movement around the city. When the starting point of the task is far from you, then you use the carriage. Fry can take possession of almost all the carriages that they notice on the street … It is worth remembering that some carriages may belong to police officers or members of a criminal organization. Although, if you attack them, you can use the very first recommendation again. Also, don’t worry about driving a carriage … Remember driving in GTA =)

Use carriages

# 4 Disarm high level opponents.

There will certainly be situations when you have to fight enemies of a higher level than yours. If this happens, then our advice to you is to use the stun. On the soap dish (PlayStation 4) – the X button, and on the Juan (Xbox One) – the A button. Disarm them in advance, then defeat the others to end the battle.

# 5 Know your character.

Note that some missions can be completed by any of the twins (except for those missions where a specific hero is required). They have different gameplay and style of passing.

Jacob is a strong and brutal killer. Able to stand up against a crowd of enemies. Since he has more strength than his sister.

Evie is a traditional assassin that can be used wherever you need to act stealthily, that is, in stealth mode.

In case you want to get around trouble, then Evie is your character. And since you are trying to fight each opponent, then choose Jacob.

The choice is yours

# 6 Discover new abilities.

For 1000 skill units, you will receive 1 experience point. And yet, until you spend a certain number of skill points, the level of the twins will not increase. Traditionally, you need to get 2-3 skills in order to move to the next level. Sitting with 30,000 experience and having about 30 skill points in the store is not worth it. There is very little sense in keeping them in such quantities. If you look at it from a different angle, then you should not waste them. With the next level, you will receive new skills to choose from. Directly, therefore, in stock it is worth having a certain amount of extra items in order to pick up the ones that are more necessary for some character. It will not be superfluous to note that skills are earned for two twins at once. For a thousand points, you actually get 2 skill points (for Eevee and for Jacob). Skills acquired for a sister will not be available to a brother. But, despite all of the above, he will still have points, and, in the future, you can choose another skill.

Before disassembly

# 7 Whistle more often.

In past games in the series, you could whistle for a long time. Although, as it might seem at first glance, this function is considered more appropriate and necessary in this game than it used to be. There are many places where the whistle will be perhaps the most powerful weapon for overcoming certain situations. Naturally, if you picked up a secret passage of the mission. The game quite occasionally tells you that you are given the opportunity to adopt a whistle. Therefore, you yourself must understand this function and adopt it. For example, by means of a whistle, you are given the opportunity to distract, or draw the attention of the 1st opponent, or divide the enemy category. By luring the bandit around the corner, you can easily kill him, and not even attract the attention of his friends.

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