Asymmetrical Multiplayer Deathgarden Restarted Along With The Terminator And Free Weekends

DeathGarden – asymmetrical multiplayer from the creators Dead by Daylight. He did not find it: the average number of players in recent months has fallen to almost zero values. That’s why Behaviour Interactive arranged a restart with the subtitle Bloodharvest.

Among the main features Bloodharvest Called the converted gameplay, more gloomy entourage, eight unique characters, amplification pumping system and four cards with procedural generation.

IN DeathGarden One hunter is trying to track down and destroy several collectors. After update Bloodharvest The participants of the match changed the goal: they should produce blood. The collectors pull the blood from the already dead collectors and cannot carry a lot of valuable fluid: it has to drag into special storage facilities.

The hunters get blood when there are still living collectors kill. But since the collectors act secretly, drones come to the rescue hunters – they allow you to control the card and track the victim.

Price DeathGarden: Bloodharvest decreased. Those who purchased a multiplayer before the update will issue a generous compensation, which includes an axer of exclusive cosmetic objects, upgrade to Deluxe Edition with Artbook and Soundtrack, as well as two copies DeathGarden for friends. In addition, a small crossover was launched: if you have and DeathGarden, And Dead by Daylight, then in both games you get cosmetic bonuses.

At the same time with Bloodharvest Started supplement Terminator Set – Cosmetic kit, turning the hunter in the robot-killer T-800. Basic cost – 82 rubles, but until June 6, DLC is given at a discount for 54 rubles.

Itself DeathGarden: Bloodharvest Available for free in Steam during this weekend. Until June 6, there is a discount: the game can be purchased for 253 rubles.

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