Author Hyper Light Drifter Prepares An Animated Series Based On The Game

Hyper Light Drifter – Three years ago indie action with a beautiful “pixel” graphics, postpocalyptic atmosphere and complex battles. Remind about the game in a hurry and head of the developer studio Heart Machine Alex Preston (Alex Preston), which started the animated series based on.

In a conversation with Polygon Preston confirmed that it works on the TV project along with the adaptation producer Castlevania for Netflix Adi Shankar (Adi shhankar), which also works above the series by Devil May Cry And Assassin’s Creed. They are actively discussing adaptation Hyper Light Drifter with scripts and want to move the sensations from the gameplay in the non-interactive medium.

“The difference between the series and the game is huge in many ways, – He speaks Preston. – Hyper Light As the game was quite atmospheric and sometimes demanding. Having conceived the series, we wondered: how to keep your attention on the non-interactive narration? Should there be a series of gloomy and serious? Can some lightness be in it?”.

Now, at an early stage of creation, Preston And Shankar want to pay special attention to the transfer of visual style game. True, the effects will rather in the spirit of anime, and not the original “pixel” design. It is not surprising that the authors look towards anime – Hyper Light Drifter Was inspired by cartoons Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazak9).

Besides, Preston So far doubts about the dialogues in the series as such – the characters did not speak in the game. Teleadaptation can go in the footsteps of the original, but the possibility of visualing the developer now also does not deny.

According to Shankara, Financial success for him is not at all in the first place. He says that he is engaged in adapting games for a television format from love for his work and the desire to endure the work of such passionate creators as Preston.

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