Aven Colony: Video Game Overview

Construction games about space are rare. From relatively recent comes to mind Anno 2205, where they give to develop the lunar base to extract resources there. And partly CIVILIZATION: Beyond Earth, which is not so much about construction, how much about the war behind the place under the sun. The rest is completely past. That’s why out Aven Colony Perceive with enthusiasm. Especially if you are promised full control over the development of a colony, the cultivation is not food cultures, the fight against local forms of life and the growing discontent of the settlers – well, straight cosmic macannet.

Who lives at the day Eyven Prime?

Imagine: You are the director of the outpost of mankind on a distant planet, from where the corporations intend to pump vitamins and minerals. Where to begin? From agriculture, the fruits of which can be contacted by newcomers, or after all, from the production of metals going on the production of nanithic – devices for building buildings? Or maybe it is better to do energy, because nothing will work without electricity: there will be a filter that turns the poisonous gas of the planet into the air, the production of food additives will be stuck here. In practice Aven Colony Offers to do everything at once – regardless of the selected game mode.Aven Colony Game ReviewFull playback of the elder brother: Switching to cameras, you can follow every resident.
Just in the story campaign all locations, from the desert to the snow-covered glaciers, pass alternately and under the wise manual from the orbit, and the “sandbox” mode opens a much greater space for creativity. Choose any card and develop as your heart. But then do not complain about hunger who killed half of the colonists, – without adopting a special policy, they will not be able to assemble suitcases and flush with the nearest flight. Or that the hellish fungus penetrated ventilation and destroyed vital buildings. Natage Farms instead of greenhouses in the cold zone and find out, how much is a pound of likh? Classic.

W Aven Colony There is everything you need a decent urban planning simulator. And accounting for citizens with the ability to follow each, and configuring job priority, and improving almost all buildings in two or three steps. You can choose that and in what quantities or grow in beds, as well as – where it is all then to give.

Through the center of immigration, new colonists come, who need to be resettled through housing and supply it necessary: here we build a park, there is an entertainment complex, and here is the snack bar. Trading shuttle carries goods to orbit and back. You have to break your head and over the message paths. Plexiglass tunnels performing the function of roads (not survived under the open sky), have a certain bandwidth. That is, if connected the sleeping and industrial districts with just one transition, wait for problems.Aven Colony Game Review“Hello, I am your neighbor. Come quietly.
It’s all as great as standard. So to the usual mechanics for the genre developers from Mothership Entertainment Added ingredients to taste. For example, the time of the year is replaced by Eyven Prime – right as in Endless Legend. In summer, solar panels and farms are laid out for all hundred, and with the onset of winter they turn into useless trash. Even the generators working from fossil minerals or sweating from under the soil of evaporation, reduce the revolutions, and yields, seemingly protected from the frost, the greenhouses falls sharply.

Quests are inclined in the size of the days. They are infertility: build a building, send an expedition to a signal about help, grow a colony to so many residents. But for the implementation give a reward – what is not a reason to deal with Darm Nanite or Food? On someone else’s planet, the discovers face the power of the elements like a meteorite rain, as well as with bizarre creatures. That will come out from under the lands of the worm, as if conceded from the pages “Dune” Frank Herberta (Frank Herbert), then if you come from where bubbles with poisonous disputes arrive. Complements the picture of the policy: in the list of laws there is a limitation of water and food consumption, prohibiting the change of residence and work, and even forced labor overtime. True, Dracon Measures Happiness to everyone and everyone will not provide, so laws take only the one for whom. And to remain an effective manager, you have to compromise.

Escaling beauty

Despite brave solutions and unusual setting, Aven Colony – not what it seems. Judge for yourself. For the thieves of parsekops from the house, people are dealing with exactly with the same thing that was fallen from the soul on Earth. They need something to eat and drink, somewhere to live, go somewhere to have fun and donate urine analysis. And although some functions like construction, disinsection and protection of order are transferred to the titanium shoulders of robots, the essence does not change.Aven Colony Game ReviewThis looks like an epidemic: it not only kills people, but also destroys the construction.
From quests waiting for the discovery of wonderful – for example, the openings of aliens or detection and applications in the artifact farm left by another reasonable race. Yes, let it, let and plots, brazenly extended from books Shekley (Robert Sheckley) or Hainline Robert Heinlein). But so sad variation on the topic “Fleight there and see what flashes there” No, probably, neither in one other strategy. That is, something interesting, of course, happens – say, salvation of the victim of the disaster of the astronaut or the attack of pirates. But it always remains behind the scenes, and the player hurts a dry summary.

And what are studying for Eyven Prime Scientists? Not technology built megasofores, which are only two here and which with due the number of naniths with kilowatts at least tomorrow. No viruses based on local crops for some global war on earth. Not star cards left by aliens in Scotland caves. Not. Scientists here invent nutritional supplements. We flew into space, and got to the cannery. Policy system is also far from masterpiece. If only because without her perfectly cost. You can grow tightly hitting the colony out of thousands of settlers and never accept a single law.

Giant worms that, judging by the form, must be chopped in one fell in one fell, there are harmless flies. Gets out such out of the hole, looks at the people, spits on them and wonders. Of course, the developers did not promise epic battles with these creatures, but why the small infection seems to be able to annoy the unprepared player, and such a hefty monster serves decoration? In other words, if we bring the bizarre architecture of buildings for brackets, the game does not stand out against the background of other representatives of the genre.

Here is a vivid example of the work, the authors of which chased in two hares: took traditional mechanics of the genre and tried to instill something like something, their. As a result, the first part is felt trimmed, and the second does not work as it should. And then the question arises: is it worth it Aven Colony, Considering its current cost? If you are waiting for space romance and survival in unfamiliar conditions, then pass by. But lovers to make monotonous actions for relaxing music that are not enough like this at work in the office will find a refuge to Eyven Primim.

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