Australia and Rating

Australia and Rating
In Australia, the second (and maybe the third) year continues the struggle for the introduction of age rating 18+ for video games. Various authoritative political forces, public organizations, individual personalities, unauthority forces, organizations and individuals, as well as the ordinary people with enthusiasm interpret water in a stage on the topic – will go such a rating for the benefit of the country or not. WHO is still still raging in an unknown place and time. Kangaroo, probably, tired of holding out the stomachs, having fun because of these people ..

While the rating officially supported the government. They say, the rating is necessary to protect the younger generation. Otherwise, if it is to start this case on a sideline, it will have to defend themselves from the younger generation, because evil games will be offered him with a meal. But the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is categorically against. Representatives of the Organization believe that games – from the devil. And the adult rating will help them feel in the country of Volgothe. Yes, and children will suffer from it.

In order for the rating of 18+ to be adopted, its unanimous support of the governments of all six states is needed in Australian laws. Public opinion polls show that 80% of Australians would approve such a decision. Therefore, hardly politicians will go against the folk will.

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