Basketball Paladin

Basketball Paladin
Andrei Kirilenko was considered an uptring star of the world basketball and struggled connoisseurs of this game with incredible statistics, noted in the courtyard comrade meetings, and in the matches of the strongest professional league of the world – NBA. But those times in the distant past. Today Andrei is just a strong player and no more.

Accurate answer why he failed to fully realize his potential, will not give, probably, and he himself. Whether the injuries were tortured, or did not come out. And maybe all the wine of computer games, a big fan of which Kirilenko is?

The seriousness of this passion is not subject to question. The person who playing the drum would not tattoo in the whole back image … Paladin from World of Warcraft. Andrey never especially and did not hide that he loves to drive in leisure Wow. However, the newly discovered circumstance frankly hints that his love is not quite ordinary.

However, everyone has their own bziki. Yes, and the virtual reality today delays not only of computer cranks, as it was another ten-fifteen years ago. And in general, when your salary is comparable with the salary statement of a decent game studio, why on joy and not “Popal”?

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