Battle Of Heroes: Tips And Tactics

I swingfully dead!

On the scenario map “Fortress” near the temple, where you can get free things worth a huge one person with a sword… Level so 850-900… 🙁 But we will use it… Swing on simple monsters until any magic appears… come to a row (you need to capture the standing buildings so as not to cover the “fog of death”). And after he kills us, poke on our portrait (from above with a grudge :)) Quickly poke on the learned magic (F1) and use magic on the thunder… Next, poke on an empty place, as if driving the character and then he comes out with a huge minus lives but quite viable… 🙂 So after each hit of the throat (better than any manual weapon, Sour and Luke are not channels) we have a lot of experience… and how I lamely burst quickly run away from him, we restore life with us, tweak on. Statov… Next, repeat the proceeding operation… Easy free halary fast… For min 40-50 you can dial Level> 40…

P.FROM. Cut off the recovery aura (if there is something) and all that can replace you…

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