Battlefield 1: Video Game Overview

World War II – the starting point of the summer in most modern shooters. It is difficult to recall the conflict, which happened after the second half of the 20th century, who would not be devoted to some militari – “Shooting”. DICE I did not go through the laughed paths into a bright future with furs on the battlefield and decided to take a step back, in the charter terra Incognita – the first world.Battlefield 1 game reviewIn a single campaign there is a place and takeoffs, and drops.

First World War: Reboot

Campaign Battlefield 1 It starts very powerful. From the point of view of artistic value, the game the game is unique on the strength of its impact and transfer of the central idea. What to say, nothing illustrates the idea of the futility, the insignificance of the life of a separate soldier, as learning in which you need to die. You get a hot spot and in the style of the best time Call of Duty Under the cries of the commander gonna gather heroically, under the endless head of the enemy. Only here is the hero for a minute burns in a jet of flame from flamethrower. The camera “Marst” in the head of another warrior, this time sitting in the tank. But his story ends, not having time to start.

So tug Battlefield 1 leads to the idea that the campaign will be played not in a typical spirit for the genre. Its landmark – the individual stories of ordinary people in unusual conditions. You are deprived of a superhero prism, and it’s great.

The plot consists of only six miniature stories telling about different participants in the war. In each of them from one to four missions. They are not connected by a single storyline, but also not inscribed in one spatio-temporary framework. Storming the shores of Gallipoli, the battle in the Italian Alps, the uprising of the Bedouins against the Ottoman Empire – the chapters are completely unique in their setting. They can even detect some pedagogical value – admit, not every one of us is familiar with the latest events of the First World War.

Of course, the “single” does not differ epic and dazzling entertainment Cod. However, every mission has its own color. For example, the task “nothing is destined” – a sort of variation on the topic Metal gear solid in. Before us a huge area, a set of goals, a saber in hand Yes, the horse continues to do everything you want to: You can do a meticulous stealth, imperceptibly cutting enemies and distracting them, and you can try to use an enemy arsenal and get a couple of mines. But the campaign for the pilot of Clyde Blackburn is completely different – it will have to penetrate the moral problem of war, served here in the spirit of the film “Life Pi”.

Yes, “single” does not offer any unexpected solutions, and artificial intelligence once again does not stand comparison with a log. But the developers managed to make a lively and saturated campaign that you can give a couple of evenings.Battlefield 1 game reviewSo I want to imagine a drop on the head of the iron guy of some Assassin.

By horses!

All traditional features of multiplayer battles in Battlefield 1 Saved. Wide scope, variations of actions, tactical depth – impressions of the new creation DICE no less bright than other parts of the series. At first glance, everything is as before: commanders put local tasks, doctors reanimate arms comrades, snipers occupy high-rise places, attack aircraft heroically go to the forefront. And success depends on the skill of the team to work simply and on the abilities of individual players. However, the setting of the First World War, so unsightly on the technical field, became for fans of the shooter with this Revelation.

The secret is simple: the developers did not at all tried to recreate the exact characteristics of the techniques of the beginning of the XX century. Local airplanes are famously fly, and some Tank Mark V easily guards in the city streets. “Casual” imitation made the gameplay dynamic – Battlefield 1 turned out to be the same cheerful as her predecessor.

Nevertheless, the setting is completely different. First of all – at the visual level: in the sky, doppoplated airplanes are filled, field guns rumble on Earth, soldiers of each other with shovels – all this looks even more wonderful and eccentricly than futuristic fantasies of the latest developers Cod. And let the real people fought not so – everything was much slower and prosaic. But DICE Masterfully presented real combat actions to the modern public with her requests – in battles are immersed with your head.

When you go to some church, you hear whistle mortar fire, and after a moment the roof, windows, the walls are crumbling, as if in the staged video, – open your mouth from amazement. Miraculously choose from under the ruins alive, and the German with a bayonet is already rushing. A taking shot in the head you kill him. But unexpectedly right to the feet you fall a gas grenade. In the hurry you wear a gas mask and run voon for that hilmik to lie down and translate the breath. But straight from there the tank goes, winking with his gun ..

The abundance of such scenes is incredible – every match of Woven from such spectacular mini-scenarios. Then the enemy aircraft touches the temka wing, then the floor will fall under the feet of the sniper just at the moment of the shot, then you will be able to bypass the impregnable post of the enemy from the rear and alone cut soldiers. It seems that all this is the work of the scripts – too produced and beautiful. Stunning graphics and perfect sound accompaniment make dive full.Battlefield 1 game reviewIn the gas mask you can shoot only from the hip.

We lost pigeons ..

Histority and scale of unfolding fighting can be felt in a completely new mode – “Operations”. Imagine the mixture of “capture” and “assault” with one amendment – after the victory of the attackers, the battle continues on another map. The attackers are not required from the first time to take the position of the enemy – they have several attempts. In case of failure, they get one of several super customs – the same airship or armored train. Destroy Makhin is pretty hard, but it sows death around with amazing speed. Several well-protected places for the driver and shooters and the strongest firepower allow the crew to quickly clean the area, and infantrymen – take a point.

Theoretically “Operations” is stretched for several Rounds “Sturm” with elements of “capture”. But in fact, the feeling that you participate in the historic battle, and the understanding of the fact that the control points are not just flags around which for some reason it is necessary to wind circles, but real defensive positions, change the attitude to the game. When you hear inspirational voices in a briefing and live comments of the commander, followed by an emotional apocalypse in length per hour, the battle is really endowed with value.

Funny Military Pigeons, in which teams run for the bird, after which they are trying to write a dispatch. Who first sent three pigeons in the air, he won. The concept looks somewhat nonsense, and therefore the mode of seriously is somehow not perceived.

The purpose of the teams in “Capture” and “Superiority” – retention of points, only in one case, users are available huge levels and techniques, and in the other – small areas only for infantry. With “fighting teams” and so everything is clear. As with “assault” – he is here classic for the series. Modes a little, and considering that some of them are weakly different from each other, in general you can nourish. But not worth doing this. First, in each of the fun, being on the battlefield, completely immerse yourself in the gameplay. And secondly, if you have time, then, in my opinion, “operations” – everything you need for life.Battlefield 1 game reviewLight landscapes in Battlefield 1 quickly turn into a picture of chaos and hell.

Generals of sandy quarries and not only

It is engaged that the technological development of the beginning of the 20th century affected the arms of classes not only in the negative key. Intelligents to live is easier: each of the sniper rifles is “sharpened” under the shooting on a certain distance, and some are capable of killing the enemy of one bullet at this distance. Doctors still honestly fulfill their duty, considerable to comrades and reanimate the fallen. Support soldiers can repair equipment, which is very important, because vehicles in the game has become much less. In part, it is justified by the difficulty of destroying iron monsters – no RPG in the Arsenal of the Fighter of the First World War was not. And it’s great – the feeling of invincibility of military equipment has never been so strong.

In battle, the player’s experience is growing, and for those issued as “pumping” bonds give to equip their classes. The list of devices is quite diverse – the same scout can be equipped with armor-piercing cartridges, sniper shield, stretch marks and various types of garnet.

In addition to the usual classes in the game there are elite – on the maps there are sets of equipment “Supermen” of their time. Clock with iron shells Almost bulletproof and palette from a powerful machine gun. Fighter with anti-tank guns perfectly spreads with a large technique of enemy. And a flameter – the death machine in the near battle.

Entertaining cartography

All locations are large-scale, and each of them quickly turns into ruins – the shelter can not even serve as a brick house. With the degradability of full order – in relative safety you feel only in the trench. Yes, and there will surely fly the crazy pomegranate or a minister’s finch ..

Of course, each card has its own tactical specificity. In urban battle, it is nice to fight in the near distance. Desert – Rated for snipers and tankers. In the fields with a minimum number of shelters have fun ride a horse. The labyrinths of the “Argonsky Forest” will be forced in the bunker, and climb on the bunker. Yes, by the way, in Battlefield 1 Elements of Parkura appeared – the soldiers can overcome low obstacles, pulling up on the hands.Battlefield 1 game reviewWhat a heavy choice ..
Dynamically changing weather gives local landscapes aesthetic charm. After a sunny day, a dense fog may drop. And it makes the location as naturalistic that sometimes I just want to stroll along it and enjoy the environment. How in some Dear Esther – without danger to be killed.***
Not trying to take the developers Cod on the field of singles, DICE Made several memorable and non-connected single line of episodes, showing the first world in different angles. Multiplayer gameplay, despite the chronological framework of its events, fits fresh and cheerful, and the outdated technique turned out to be a curious exotic against the background of all sorts of futuristic toys. The authors perfectly adapted the mechanics of the series to the realities of the beginning of the century, and the realities themselves – to the needs of players.

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