Battlefield 2142 Hint (Game Tips & Tactics)

This is not BF2. The mind is a hundred times cooler here, so if you play for the first time, put AL low!
On my disk (I don’t know how on others) there is a glitch, my rank is not saved, grenades are not added to the equipment, the “invisible” remote control, all sorts of other bells and whistles, so feel free to pick up weapons from killed enemies and comrades – it will not hurt you!
Beware of robots, swing if an enemy “two-legged” appears in front of you, the chances of surviving with an average difficulty level are extremely small! I advise one not to walk on the map, try to pair up with a medic – an attack aircraft or a machine gunner, because the enemies walk in crowds (sometimes, more often in pairs), but these crowds constantly heal each other, supply ammunition and work in a team.

Similarly, with an increase in rank – it is not saved 🙂 So I strongly advise you to pick up weapons from enemies with the G button, especially a powerful weapon from enemies – this is a machine gun (Looks like a sniper current shoots very powerful). I advise you to become a commander, since this gives many advantages such as the BSR (you can find out where the enemies are within the range of the BSR), support (cartridges from the sky), electric shock (knocks down vehicles (very useful when a two-legged creature runs up to your post)) and air raid (no comment). All this is called by the Caps Lock key. Previously, I did not like technology, but now I love to sit down at the “chicken” (she is a two-legged creature) and go to kill enemies. On the Verdun map, she calmly removes enemy helicopters with guided missiles and wets enemies well. The main thing is not to twist there. And so as not to spin there is a special feature: like a hollow square and a small one. Since you control both the legs and the boss with the help of these squares, the head and legs go to the side. When I learned this current and sat down at the chicken. It is also great to sit behind an SUV and crush enemies at full speed. Well, that’s all. Enemies in 2142 are smart and attack in a crowd, I strongly advise against going and winning posts one after another. Better to conquer half of the posts and powerfully guard the one closest to the enemies. I always get overwhelmed by the number 🙂 And even when there are less than a dozen enemies left, they seem to break off the chain. Yes, yes, I’ve always lost my post when victory is near. Be careful not to be attacked from two sides, i.e. surrounded…

You swing the pellet gunner, choosing the following bonuses: a stationary portable turret and a field plasma shield. You throw a turret and put a shield DENSE (!) To it, you should get the following: the turret body is behind the shield, the muzzle sticks out through it. True, this is done difficult and far from the first try, but it’s worth it! The turret can attack the enemy, but he does not. It’s a pity it doesn’t save from grenades.

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