Battlefield: Hardline: Hint (Chapter 8 Door Resolution)

And so every “pirate” was faced with such a problem as the lack of a cascade with opening the door (this is not a bug, but protection by the game developers from piracy). To solve this problem, you need to be able to download programs from the Internet)

1-Download the Cheat Engine program

2-Install, open.

3-Click on the “Select a process to open” tab

4-We are looking for the game process and press OPEN

5-In the right corner, put a tick on “Enable Speedhack” and enter 0.2 in the field and click “Apple”

Thank you all for your attention, I was glad to help.
P.s All this needs to be done at the moment when the girl substitutes our hero.

Download CheatEngine from our server you can here.

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