Battlefield: Hardline Will Not Be Released In October

After recent beta testing Battlefield: Hardline Brave developers from Visceral Games went to the capture of especially malicious bugs. Recently, they published an impressive list of corrections that were made to various elements of the multiplayer. However, despite his impressivity, the team’s affairs, apparently, the nest of the team, and until October 21, he could not manage with them.

Therefore, having consisted, the developers and publishers decided not to sacrifice the quality and delayed the release of the project until the beginning of 2015. With all the unconditional correctness of their choice, fans will not be easy to accept it, because many people looked forward to the opportunity to participate in the disassembly of cops and bad guys again.

CEO DICE Karl-Magnus Truson (Karl-Magnus Troedsson) made an official appeal to fans in which he tried to give the most detailed report on the current state of the game. He began with the fact that the new Battlefield Must get cool as much as possible, and at the start to avoid sad experience of the fourth part.

The delay will benefit not only multiplayer, but also a single campaign. For example, in network mode, the authors plan to realize a couple of cool ideas that the gamers themselves submitted them. That before the “single”, then, according to Tronson, Visceral continues to bring the plot to Hollywood gloss, which concentrates on the topic of revenge. However, the comparison with Hollywood is not entirely appropriate here, because the scripts in writing history are more inspired by criminal television series.

It is worth reminding that this fall was planned to spend another beta test Hardline, Shortly before the release of the final version. But now, when he was postponed the next year, the event may not take place. Myself Truson Nothing about this, unfortunately, did not report.

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