Bayonetta 2 has become an exclusive for Wii U

Bayonetta 2 has become an exclusive for Wii U
One of the surprises of yesterday’s presentation Wii U was the revival Bayonetta 2. In May this year, the network flashed a sad news that SEGA I decided to cover the iconic sequel due to the internal restructuring and other incomprehensible resonors.

However, where one lost, another can always find. Nintendo, Obviously, I estimated the pros of the minuses and decided that it would be nice to bring fans of steep diva to their database of users. That at the start of sales of the new console is always very important.

As a result, the game returned to life again and turned into a nail. Platinum Games still responsible for the development, and Yusuka Khachimoto (Yusuke Hashimoto) heads the team. The date of exit, alas, did not report. But showed a short teaser. In which nothing really shown.

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