Bethesda Introduced Custom Stores To Fallout 76 And Put Them In Tax. Players Are Not Glad

May 7 Fallout 76 Received a patch that added vending machines. Now you can choose the goods for sale, set prices in the covers and go on the road. If you’re lucky, in your absence, the random traveler will look into the shop and will bought something. It would seem that such innovation was supposed to come to the public in the shower, but Bethesda again managed to upset players.

The snag is that the company takes 10% of covers earned with automata. In the description of the update, the developers claim that the tax will maintain a healthy economy of the game and will help to deal with inflation. However, users do not see anything healthy in that they will take 10% honestly cost virtual funds.

“You know what this will actually lead to? – Disgrace REDDIT visitor under Nick Panickedsoul. – It will force us to overestimate goods for goods to compensate for the difference. It would be very interesting to know how to help players. “.

The user turned out to be right – people really include the amount of fees in the cost of items. Especially for triples on the same reddit even created a guide explaining how to calculate the markup and not lose the unequal fight with mathematics.

Found in the community Fallout 76 and supporters of tax. So, the player Aburple notices that the inhabitants of the role militant have already acquired several characters with the maximum number of covers (25 thousand). Because there are a lot of currencies, and it is not particularly expensive to spend it, money is depreciated. Taking 10%, Bethesda Reduces, so to speak, the lid mass and thereby increases the cost of the remaining funds.

In addition to custom shops and accompanying tax dramas, the patch introduced in Fallout 76 New line of quests, backpacks and legendary items. The list of changes can be explored on the official website Bethesda.

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