BIOSHOCK 2 is no longer supported

BIOSHOCK 2 is no longer supported
Employee 2K Games reported on the forum BIOSHOCK 2, that the publisher decided not to release computer versions of DLC Minervice day And Protector trials, as well as patch with fixes of numerous errors. In followed, then apologies and regrets the cause of the cancellation did not disclose. Later there appeared hints on some technical problems and a shortage of time. But only hints, nothing concrete.

BIOSHOCK 2 showed underwater city through the eyes of a large daddy. Reviewers (including our) and the fans of the first part adopted the game favorably, everyone else is so-so. Probably, therefore, the planned five million copies were never sold out. The users of the computer version complained about the bugs and the lack of support for the gamepad, but the patch did not wait. And now it will not wait.

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