BioShock: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

In a mission where you need to collect ingredients for a vector, for example, if you collected everything, but, for example, you have 6 units of chlorophyll solution, but you need 7, but you can’t find it anywhere, just hack the “creator of things”, everything should work out.

The easiest way to screw up daddy is the following. Plasmid freeze (it needs to be gradually improved) and electric buckshot are needed. First, we shoot at the daddy four times, immediately after the fourth shot, we switch to the plasmid and freeze it, after which we instantly return to the shotgun. While Daddy is standing, the frozen shotgun is automatically recharged with an electric cart. As soon as daddy unfreezes – four shots at once and then freeze again and repeat this three or four times, after which daddy will calm down. It turns out that I do not lose a single gram of health. Works even on advanced daddies. If there is no electric cartridges, then exploding buckshot can help. The scheme is the same: four weathered – freezing – four shots – freezing, etc. However, in this case, it is better to run a little further away from the daddy while he is frozen, since the exploding cartet does not slow down the daddy, unlike the electric one, but you can still fill him up without being killed yourself. From all of the above, it also follows that in the Vlast to the People apparatus it is necessary to improve the shotgun both in reloading speed and in penetration power. Since I tried this method, not a single daddy has brought me down.

1. After you are given a camera, take more pictures of enemies. For good shots, increased damage to enemies and unique tonics are given. For example, I got Natural Camouflage and when I don’t move I become invisible. Helps a lot.
2. Hack anything that gets hacked. Hacked security cameras and turrets start to work for you, prices in cars selling partons, etc., become cheaper. Enemies can heal from health stations, they are electrocuted from hacked.
3. Climb into EVERY corner. There are so many things you need.

Bioshock passed 2 times, a very interesting toy. Movement, atmosphere – everything is very realistic and mesmerizing..
Big Dad was felled like this: first, he placed stretching threads from a crossbow, between them 2-3 mines. At the end he waited with a fiery arrow in a crossbow, or a rocket in a grenade launcher. After dad has passed all the threads and mines, he has a life left for 2-3 launches with an arrow or 2 rocket launchers.
Bees are great for catching the Pope.

To the advice above about Daddy.
No need to bother, just take (I don’t remember exactly what it is called, something chemical) a flamethrower ??? It has an electrical kind of charges. A full horn is enough to fill up both Daddy and Rosie, and since there are no more than 2-3 of them at the level, then … The main thing is to always have a supply of this electric jelly, the benefit of “Do it yourself” devices, etc..

Fotal of monsters with pipes and wrenches, got 2 tonics that increase the speed of waving a wrench, made a tonic in the machine that adds health when hitting + bought a tonic with a boxing glove and its improved version. Now I just run around with a wrench and the tactic froze, ran up and pressed the wrench, my health is not lost. If I throw a lot of enemies at once into one rage, when 1.2 enemies remain with their key. I don’t buy cartridges at all, only electric gel and arrows for daddies.

The game was also played twice, first saving the girls, then killing them. Whatever the developers say, these actions do not practically affect the gameplay. There are only four differences: when the girls see you, they either shout that you are bad, or that this is the one who saves us. The final clips are also shown. More and more essentially different, killing girls you will not get plasmids, hypnotizing daddies. The fact that when you kill Adam’s girl you get twice as much is understandable. But if you save, then Tennenbaum gives you gifts, although not as often as we would like. In addition, everything that she can give you and you yourself collect or buy. But there is nowhere to collect Adam, except from girls.

There are two endings in Bishock and each one looks different. First, if you kill girls (of course, you will be given more Adam for this), then the ending will be as follows: after passing the game there will be a cutscene as you (already angry under the influence of Adam) run to the pipe and want to kill the girl for excellent food for yourself. And the second ending will be about an hour longer (of course, if you save the girls, but unfortunately Adam will be given less than before, for one unit so 70). So, after passing the levels, you will meet the main boss, he has a couple of plasmids, beat and shoot until the life cell goes down and he returns to his cell for regeneration, at this time inject the syringe. And as a result, the splash screen will show that this monster will kill you now, but it was not there, girls run to your aid from the pipes and inject their syringes into it, and finally finish it off, sucking all the last drops of Adam from it. Then you swim to the surface in the bathyscaphe, and they frown from the light. As a result, it is said that you are a good family, you helped a friend, and at the end you are already old in the hospital, and the girls are holding your hand and crying so that you do not die.
The conclusion is, choose what you want to do with the sisters, and this will affect the ending of the game.!

I disagree about the two endings, I had something else, I saved and killed the girls, well, somewhere in half, in the end it turned out that they suck Adam out of the boss, then one girl gives me some kind of key, I grab her hand … some kind of submarine, bathyscaphes float up, splicers fly out of them, they kill the sailors of the submarine and at the end of all this they show the nuclear missile warhead on this boat…

I can say that it is more profitable to save the girls, because when you save three in a row, you consistently receive gifts. Each gift always contains Adam, and there is more of him with each gift, and the minimum amount is 200!

The most effective way to fill up “Big Daddy”, or rather two at once. We hypnotize one monster with a plasmid (with a loudspeaker icon). We find another, preferably with the “Sister”, and shoot him. Enjoy a colorful fight between the two “Dads”. One of them will surely fill up the other, and it will not be difficult for you to finish off the survivor. We save “Sister” and get Adam, plus money.

About Big Daddy. To kill him, you need armor-piercing cartridges (for any weapon, but I advise you to use cartridges for a machine gun), an “arsonist” and patience. First we set fire to “Daddy”, and then run and shoot at him. You may need a first aid kit.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to “destroy” the big daddy is to just walk up QUIETLY from the back with a shotgun (with explosive powder) and “knock” 3-4 times. That’s all the problem. BUT THIS IS UNDER THE CONDITION THAT THE SHOTGUN HAS A FULL UPGRADE.

There is one more way, but for me it is less effective. Freeze big daddy first, then with a shotgun.

At the very beginning of the game, in the Crematorium, you can see an oven and a table that is being pushed into this oven. There is a mutant on this table. And if this table is pushed into the oven, and then pulled out, the mutant will burn out, and instead of it there will be a tonic “ The Joy of the Hacker ” (when hacked, it adds a little health and EVE). During a normal search, tonic is not visible!

What about girls (save or test) I did both, all in one game (I don’t like playing the game twice)! The main thing in the game is to get Adam when you save the girls, or vice versa. About big daddies – they are very stupid, but in the beginning they are, of course, difficult to kill.

Daddy first needs armor-piercing rounds, just shoot him from afar, dodging his bullets, they are all stupid and oblique! With the appearance of additional spheres, it will be even easier for you to cope with all of them, but with a shotgun, machine gun, bazooka, I see no problems, and with a crossbow, nothing is impossible at all! Yes, in the game, look through every corner, every corpse, trash can and everything like that! Take pictures of live opponents quickly – this will increase your attack, and when defense! Yes, in general, the sphere, in the form of attraction, is a cool thing against the infantry, pull something there (a corpse, a garbage can), it blows away. This is effective when people with machine guns, cold, fire, electricity appear, when you have an object in your gravity, they rarely hit you, and when you throw out, they do good damage.!

In a machine with weapon pumping, it is better to start pumping the shotgun to the end (it significantly increases damage and rate of fire, and this is very important when fighting with Big Daddy), and then something else. This will make it easier for yourself to get Adam, which can only be found from sisters.

If you get under a security camera, and robotic helicopters will fly after you, do not worry, take the plasmid, which attracts everything. With the help of it, pull in some corpse (preferably Big Daddy!) And huddle in a corner, while holding the corpse in front of you. If the corpse of Big Daddy, then the bullets will not pass.

The way to kill big daddies. On any nearby corpse, stick mines that react to movements (preferably more). Use telekinesis to pull in the corpse and toss it at Daddy. Finish the rest of his health with a crossbow or grenade launcher.

Everyone who played Bioshock was probably interested in the question, which is better – to kill or save the little sisters? It has its own system. In short, if you save them, then after every 3rd they will give 200 Adam. +80 for salvation. If you kill them, then 160 for each. Let’s count 160 * 3- (80 * 3 + 200) = 480 for murder and 440 for saving.
It turns out that killing them is more profitable.
But personally, for some reason I always save them, I guess I love children.)))

In Arcadia, as soon as the level begins, we can find a crypt whose door is closed. There are torches on the sides of the door, one of them burns, if you set fire to the second (with a plasmid, flamethrower), then the door will open.
There is a corpse in the crypt, and there are many interesting things nearby.

My way against Daddy. With the help of the Security Bullseye plasmid, we redirect the security to daddy and just wait. After one such attack, the Pope has no more than half of his health. You can finish off yourself, or you can again trigger an alarm. The alarm can be raised in a bunch of ways, but the simplest and most common is when hacking something, simply direct the flow to the alarm. Works at all levels.
The advantage of this tactic is that you don’t have to spend ammo and first-aid kits on your dad at all, the security will do everything for you.

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