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It happens that the game financed on Kickstarter turns out to be at all similar to the original outline. In case of Black The Fall it happened – if you study the campaign of funds spent in 2014 (completed, by the way, successfully) and go through the final version of the game, the similarities between them will not be so much. At first, the project was like Limbo, But the protagonist was not a defenseless boy, but weapons wearing a man. And “guns” were divided into loud and efficient (but attracting security) and silent.Black The Fall game ReviewThe audience looks at the replacing pictures – videos do not show them.

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Also, the authors promised the reputation system – how hero appealed with other people, would affect the attitude towards him of local residents. “Pull out someone from prison or save from death, and your reputation will improve. Pose a person for the sake of preserving his own life, and it will be worse to treat you, “the description said. But from this system in the end there is no trace, and the protagonist has learned the weapon. Now he is unable to fight the guy in the Ushanka, tired after decades of hard work and planning escape from communism.

In fact, there are still a lot of changes: “Kraft” disappeared from the game, dynamic weather conditions, open locations for free movement – List all this can. The most important innovation was the appearance of color – the early version was black and white and too much reminded Limbo, Although all other features did not just cl1. But there is a feeling that the release Inside Played with the authors Black The Fall The cruel joke is a platformer without any unnecessary frills suddenly received many enthusiastic reviews and nominations for the best game of the year. So why try and do something unusual? It is better to cut absolutely everything and leave only jumping yes puzzle.

And Idean Black The Fall And Inside It seems to be also very similar to each other and try to reveal rarely raised themes in video games. But if PlayDead trying to do it using metaphor, allegory and symbolism, literally forcing the players to discuss what is happening and ending on the forums and on social networks, then Sand Sailor Studio Prefers straightness. Here are the portraits of the leaders everywhere, here is the sickle and hammer, these are people who are forced to work in the exhausting conditions. For inexpensive, there is no place to be left – the authors really want to convey their thought and as if they are afraid that they will remain incomprehensible.

Perhaps that is why from something original Black The Fall As a result, turned into an absolute copy Inside. This is another story about the running left right of the man who has to hide from persecution, to solve inappropriate, often riddles, jump over obstacles and abyss to in the end to get to the final. However, to withstand competition with Inside, It is not enough to copy its components and add a more understandable story – it is necessary to offer something unusual. IN Little Nightmares, For example, there were exciting action-scenes, the locations had a depth, and there was a lot of other features. IN Black The Fall could not come up with anything.Black The Fall game ReviewWe pretend that we work.


Puzzles often require logical thinking in situations when cameras or guards can easily notice the main character. As soon as he comes to the enemy’s eyes or attracts the attention of the turret, it will not be able to escape anything – the rust of the second will be enough to destroy it. Fortunately, progress is preserved literally at every step – after death, you find yourself next to the same mystery. But the puzzles themselves will be familiar to pain. They may look original and often closely related to the entourage (hide is not in boxes and under the beds, and embraced on a bike along with the rest of the maintenance of the regime and depicting the work), but in fact, no other difference.

The developers have tried to diversify the adventure, once at a time giving the main hero of new opportunities. At some point he will acquire a designer – so here is called a laser pointer, allowing you to take control over other people and give them orders. Standing on the top floor, you can activate the desired levers on the lower and get to the next location. Later, the riddles with its use become a little more difficult – it is necessary to indicate the direction, given the refraction of the beam when it gets into shiny metal pipes and other reflective surfaces. But there are very few such episodes, and the idea does not have time to reveal.

Also, the hero meets on his companion path – a robot resembling habits and appearance. “Make friends with him and enlist his support,” the description says Black The Fall in Steam, however friendship in the game is shown very strange. Yes, the guy in the ruin really can not pass many areas without a partner – the mechanized dog is able to fold into the cube, allowing him to get climbing, and also calmly floats (the main character instantly dies when contacting water), is able to stop the mechanisms and clings to the control consoles. But the protagonist often absolutely noted on the fate of this creature – he throws him to the mercy of fate, it is trying to save, it seems to forget about his presence.Black The Fall game ReviewThe room filled with red light means anxiety, but soon the security calms down.
Ideas added by the authors, simply do not have time to reveal, as the passage of the game takes less than two hours. The main idea of conveying they could somehow: Communism is very bad, Puzated units follow and kill people with the first opportunity … Clear the plot of meaning little – Romanian developers showed their own vision of the totalitarian regime (and escape from it), and for sure whatthen part of the audience will be interested in all this and honors the relevant literature. But if we consider Black The Fall As an ordinary game, its original version would look much more advantageous.

The transition from the black and white palette to color led to the appearance of a large number of parts and a healthy realized lighting model, but only in some episodes. At some moments, the game looks very beautiful: atmospheric locations, with love drawn backdrops, standing in long queues of the crowd of workers. But cute locations are dramatically replaced by absolute mediocrity with poor-quality textures, angular objects and strange animation. Given the duration Black The Fall, It is very strange to see such a rusty, although, most likely, it was caused by a change in the set of gameplay components.

Riddles closer to the final also become more boring and more stupid, especially in chapters, where the main character suddenly begins to move very slowly. It does not lose the ability to jump and interact with objects, so the reduced speed looks inappropriate and makes the contact of such episodes to a dreary occupation. There is a feeling that the authors ended the ideas, but the game had to somehow stretch, because of which the puzzles are solved by one action and take a few minutes. But the ending is not bad, this does not take away.Black The Fall game ReviewIf you can escape from turners, it is always connected with puzzles.***
Podzhanr “Gloomy Platformers” is not so popular even among independent developers – lovers Limbo, Inside And Little Nightmares It is difficult to advise something similar to these games. If the authors Black The Fall more attention was paid to the gameplay, and not attempts to convey their thoughts and move to the game format “based on real events” history, the result would be much better. Together we got a very short and banal adventure, which is better to spend time only during major sales. Although it is worth doing this, if anything new creators could not offer and almost all of us have already seen earlier?

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