Blizzard Announced Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Blizzard repeatedly stated that she is interesting and close to the soul of Frortules, but the words were much more than the cases. Former Blizzard Dota, And today BLIZZARD ALL-STARS, Located on the incomprehensible stage of readiness, other projects and were at all covered with a dense curtain of commercial secrets.

But today the company has finally announced another frituleuka – a card strategy Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft For PC, “Poppy” and iPad. And although it is unlikely that anyone choked on this tear of delight, a new game Blizzard – It is always interesting. Therefore, do not regret it to the Tolik of optimism – suddenly it is worth it.

Heroes of Warcraft And in fact will be about the heroes Warcraft. More precisely – World of Warcraft. Because the game will be nine classes – and everything exactly the same as in Wow. True, it applies exclusively to the names. For the gameplay of the collectible card game is very different from the classical MMO, and therefore? Classes will be different.

The essence of the game will be collecting cards. It will be possible to produce them in battles in the “game” modes (one per) or “workshop” modes (the player begins the game with a fresh deck and further forms a set of taste). Or in labor – real, which is characteristic. The very one for which they get salary to buy new decks of cards. There will also be the third way – spraying old cards for creating new. And this is something fresh.

The developers promise hundreds of cards representing spells, weapons and heroes of the Warcraft Universe, as well as infinite strategic opportunities in creating the most effective card sets. The first demonstration version of the game will be presented at the PAX EAST started in Boston. And there before the beta test not long. True since it Blizzard, then “not long” may be any long.

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