Blizzard Is Going To Easily Disclose Overwatch Plot During 2017

Although the essence Overwatch lies in a competitive multiplayer, Blizzard Entertainment Trying to produce a lot of related materials about the plot of games, the history of the universe and the characters. Nevertheless, together with the new hero – the robot Orisoy – the company presented a relatively simple video instead of a complete short filler or at least comics. Therefore, fans prone to panic wondered: is it really Blizzard turns his story?

As usual, the community began to argue about the fictional problem in official forums. Suddenly, the lead screenwriter broke into the discussion Overwatch Michael Chu (Michael CHU). He stated that the developers team have big plans for the 2017, including more frequent scene adding and updates. Currently, developers are just working to realize these plans to life. So the plot is not going anywhere.

Finally Chu Noted: Something curious will appear very soon. What exactly, he silent.
Well, in the gameplay Overwatch Meanwhile, completely different drama: a few more potential straightening of the characters rolled out on the test server.

Among them, for example, a beginner of Oris: she reduced the store with 200 cartridges to 150, and the cost of superpost increased by 15%. Sombre reduced the recovery time of the “translocator” (four seconds instead of six) and reduced the distance of the sound effects from disguise to 15 meters. The goat does not get damage from its own explosions. The damage of the biotic rifle of Ana is reduced from 80 to 60, damage from biotic grenades – from 60 to 30, and treatment from the same garnet – from 100 to 50. Winston’s dome begins to recharge after installation, and not after destruction. Alternative Fire Dzeyatta is restored for 0.6 seconds instead of one, and the dissonance scope can be imposed through barriers.

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