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Here is something that you might want to add to your list that you’ve got
going. I found this out by accident. It’s how to use the Spray Can in the
demo game. First activate the cheat LARA CROFT. Now kill yourself with your
favorite weapon (I used the napalm launcher). When you start over you have
all the weapons not just the ones in the shareware! Warning! Don’t try to
select # ‘s 8 or 9 or 0, it will crash the game. But if you select 7 you’ll
get what looks like the lighter for the TnT but nothing else. This is
really the spray can (sprite not included).

Note: If you use the alternate attack of the spray-can, it hasn’t been
fully implemented in the shareware, and it will cause you to ignite and
most probably die. This also doesn’t appear to work in v0.99b 🙁

From: Rick Raymo

Tip: In multiplayer when you have an opponent kneeling, drop a bundle of
dynamite (X-fire twice) on his head. Then dance around him a bit before
moving back. If he Space-bars enough to stand, use your lowest damage
attack to get him back on his knees before the dynamite (that he can see
sizzling on his head) blows his butt to gib-hell. GRIN. SECRET AREAS

Secrets in Blood, as with Duke-3D, Quake and presumably others, are areas
that aren’t usually in the direct path required to be taken to complete a
level, and often will require looking in odd places, getting to hard to
reach spots and trying to open every wall you see. Here are the list of
currently known secrets in Blood Shareware v0.99b.

Blood also has “Super Secrets” which are separate to the standard Secrets,
so the number displayed at the end of the level may not represent the
actual number of secrets, as it doesn’t take the “Super Secrets” into
account. It is suspected that there is a “Super Secret” on each level, but
until they’re all found, we just don’t know!

Episode 1:

Mission 1 – Cradle to Grave Mission 2 – Wrong side of the tracks Mission 3
– Phantom Express Mission 4 – Dark Carnival Mission 5 – Hallowed Grounds
Mission 6 – The Great Temple Mission 7 – Altar of stone Mission 8 – House
of Horrors

Mission 1 – Cradle to Grave

Secrets: 11

# 1 – After climbing out of the grave, there is another grave just to your
right. Crouch down and open it to reveal a box of flares.

# 2 – In front of the grave you climb out of, metallic wall curving outwards
towards you. Open this and it slides around to reveal a box of TNT.

# 3 – After stepping outside of the doors where you meet your first zombie,
turn back towards the doors and “open” the bushes to the left of the door,
it will slide up revealing the empty grave of one Eric Draven and a shield.

# 4 – Downstairs there is another graveyard with a tomb with “In loving
memory “on the side of it, on top of this is the” Guns Akimbo “powerup.
There are 2 ways of getting to this. Either jump on top of the nearest
tombstone and jump onto the top of the tomb, or you can jump out of the
window later on and walk across the top of the fence, jumping over the gap
in the middle.

# 5 – In the altar-room with the “rest in pieces” sign on the far wall, walk
straight down the middle of the room towards this sign, and the altar will
slide forward revealing a few rats and a box of flares.

# 6 – Behind the curtains in the altar-room is a piano-organ, active this
and a small panel slides up in front of you revealing a “Beast vision”.

# 7 – In the morgue, just opposite the window with the 2 bundles of TNT in
front of it, is a door with a crack in it. Blow it up with TNT to reveal
some armor.

# 8 – Around the other side after blowing up 2 TNT barrels, another empty
wall-coffin appears with some rats and some fire armor in it.

# 9 – In the crematorium, after you have the fire armor, run down the
conveyor into the fire, grab the life-seed and then run out the side.

# 10 – At one end of the crematorium are some shelves. To the right of these
shelves is a saw. Push the saw and the shelves will slide revealing a few

# 11 – Near the end of the level a zombie climbs out of a stone coffin,
behind the lid to this coffin is another secret area with some flares.

SUPER SECRET – At the end of the level with the 2 coffins, jump back into
the hole you came through, and from the very edge, take a jump at the wall
in front of you. You end up in an area with a Napalm Cannon. This jump is
pretty tricky to get right, you may want to disable clipping with the EVA
GALLI cheat to see exactly where you’re trying to jump to, but remember,
activating this cheat means the game won’t tell you what you’ve found.

Mission 2 – Wrong side of the tracks

Secrets: 8

# 1 – In the train station, after answering the “Hugh Jass” phone, the 4th
phone to your right hides a secret hole with some armor.

# 2 – In the kitchen, blow up the fire extinguisher to get some flares.

# 3 – Also in the kitchen, open the cupboard / fridge and push the button with
the handprints on it to open another secret area in the room that blowing
up the fire extinguisher opened which has a cloak of invisibility in it.

# 4 – Going up the left-hand stair case above the ticket booth, there are
some windows, break one and jump onto the ledge to get a life-seed.

# 5 – In the room at the end of the stairs, there is a picture on the wall,
open this to reveal a Guns Akimbo powerup.

# 6 & # 7 – In the bookstore behind the door near the phones is a
cash-register. Use it to open one secret area right in front of you with a
Dr.s bag in it, and another to the right of the register with some armor in

# 8 – On the train platform, go into the “No admittance” room and blow up
the crack in the wall to get some shells and some flares. There’s another
crack at the bottom of this new path which you can blow up to get a
shortcut back and forth to the bookstore.

Not a secret, but try running down the tunnel at the end of the level! Make
sure you’ve saved the game first! ; ^)

Mission 3 – Phantom Express

Secrets: 6

# 1 – In the carriage full of crates, walk straight ahead through the door
to the end and jump onto the box, turn around, and to your right there is
another crate with a life-seed on it.

# 2 – In the same room on the pile of boxes at the front of the carriage
there is a blue trunk, open it for a Beast Vision.

# 3 – In the last carriage the two bars both have switches behind them which
opens a small panel on the wall _without_ the picture which has a
reflective-shot powerup in it.

# 4 – Open the grill-oven in the kitchen for a flare gun.

# 5 – The first room in the passenger carriage has a crack in the corner,
blow it up, and jump up into the hole to get a Tommy gun, some TNT and some

# 6 – Open the fire-grate in the engine room, and run through the fire to
get a Shotgun, Lifeseed, Tommygun and Flaregun, then quickly open the other
end and get out.

SUPER SECRET – After # 5, go into the 2nd passenger carriage. Carefully jump
out of the hole in the train and aim back at the train directly under the
letters “666”. If you get the right spot you should land on the side of the
train, and you can then open a secret door to get some super-armor, guns
akimbo, life seed, tommy gun and flares. No matter how much armor or health
you have, touching the ground outside the train is instant death, this is
extremely tricky, once again, it might pay to use the cheats to see where
you are trying to get to.

Mission 4 – Dark Carnival

Secrets: 12

# 1 – Straight ahead from the start for a bit, then turn left and go through
the hole to get some body armor, TNT and shells. Can also get to here by
blowing a hole in the train on the other side later on in the level.

# 2 – Underwater by the first bridge, swim to the right to get Flaregun,
Shotgun, Tommy gun and Guns Akimbo.

# 3 – First shooting gallery, shoot the targets to get a life-seed.

# 4 – Jump on top of the “Rotten Candy” wagon, and get the boots, then use
them to jump over the wall opposite to get a Beast Vision.

# 5 – Kick the three heads into the mouth to get an invincibility powerup.
(Tricky) NOTE: In v0.99b, this is often impossible as there is a bug with
the graphic of the mouth that you kick the heads through. If will often
take on the wrong sprite and it becomes impossible to kick the heads
through it making this secret inaccessible.

# 6 – Second shooting gallery (bottles), shoot the bottles to get an
invisibility cloak.

# 7 – Using the boots, jump over the small wall to the left of the second
shooting gallery to get a drum of bullets.

# 8 – In the freakshow, blow up the 3rd set of bars and shoot the corpse to
open a panel behind you with a Guns Akimbo powerup in it.

# 9 – In the Jo-Jo room, if you press the left-hand “Warning” sign on the
tank, a door opens up behind the tank. Entering this gives a secret room
with a fairly sad looking Duke Nukem hanging from the ceiling. Pushing duke
results in “Shake it baby”. There are also various items in the room.

# 10 – Inside the dagger-key room, there is a stack of boxes against the
wall, open the middle area to get at a Doctors bag and some flares.

Non-secret: Trash can outside of the dagger-key door. Jump into it and
duck down to get the shot-reflection powerup.

# 11 – In the room the zombies come from after exiting the dagger-key door,
there are some boxes at the far end with scratches on them. Push them to
gain access to a room full of mimes and a life-seed.

# 12 – You eventually get to a bridge that blows up. Jumping over the posts
and blowing up the wall in front of you gets you access to another secret
area with super armor and a 3-entry combination. It’s also possible to jump
over the water by jumping from / to the extremes of the bridge remains using
the Boots, just make sure you blow the wall up first or you’ll have to do
it at close range and take damage. The correct combination to gain access
to “The House of Horrors” secret level is, Knife. Eye, Moon.

Mission 5 – Hallowed Grounds

Secrets: 9

WARNING: In shareware v0.99, approaching the gargoyle just inside and to
the right of the entrance will almost certainly cause the game to crash,
unless you absolutely want to get 100% kills, then simply avoid it,
otherwise, make certain you have saved the game before approaching him. The
gargoyle will sometimes successfully animate. This has been fixed in

# 1 – Inside the entrance just past the gargoyle there’s a large open
hallway with tall pillars down the side. As you enter this room up on the
wall to your left are two designs. Blowing up the left design reveals a
hidden area with a doctors bag in it. This area can only be reached by
using the boots and jumping up. If you’ve used them up then there are some
more boots made available later in the level.

# 2 – Shooting the eye above the door with the raised areas on each side
opens a room in the passage behind the door with a Guns Akimbo powerup in

# 3 – Taking a left turn at the bottom of the stairs behind the moon-key
door brings you to an elevator. After stepping on, there is an alcove at
the right of the elevator with some armor in it.

# 4 – Continue up the stairs from # 2 and you get to the platform on the
right-hand side of the door with the eye-symbol above it. At the end of
this platform is an area high-up with a stone gargoyle in it, use the boots
to jump up into here and it causes the gargoyle to animate. Behind it is an
invulnerability powerup.

# 5 – A path off to the side of this area leads to another room with a
raised ledge around the outside of it. Jump up onto this and walk to the
room at the end to get some flares.

# 6 – In the room where you are trapped and lynched by zombies after picking
up the key, you can use the boots of which there are another pair here, to
jump up into an area above where the zombies were to get a reflective-shot

# 7 – In the area underwater with the switch, wait for a while after
flicking the switch and a small tunnel opens up on the wall to the right of
the switch leading to a life-seed.

# 8 – In the room with the moon key, push the spider picture that is on the
wall with no doorway. The center columns will raise revealing 2 gargoyles
and super armor.

# 9 – In the room at the top of the stairs from the large outside area with
the fountain, is a section of wall with square tiling. Opening this causes
it to drop down as a ramp leading up to an invisibility cloak.

SUPER SECRET: At the bridge at the end of the level, step onto it and turn
around to face back where you came from, then jumping forward and to the
right so that you are right up against the wall will cause you to land on a
small ledge. This is a big fall so you do take some damage, if you are
below 50 health with no armor, it will almost certainly kill you. At the
end of the ledge in the middle of the chasm is a hidden door, open it and
you reveal a room with a life-seed and some super armor. Press the two
skulls on either wall to cause the chanting to stop, and to reveal a
teleporter back up onto the bridge.

Mission 6 – The Great Temple

Secrets: 6

# 1 – Right near the start there is a hole in the wall on the corner, walk
into this, and turn to your left, there should be a lit area full of TNT.

# 2 – At the bridge, up the stairs on the side _opposite_ the switch is a
dark wall with a design on it. Open this to reveal a Doctors Bag.

# 3 – In the water between the two raised walkways with a stone platform
above it full of spine-fish, there is a small tunnel at one end with an
invisibility cloak in it.

# 4 – Past the area where a stone-face spits a fireball at you after picking
up a guns-akimbo off a lowered platform, there is a small area with lots of
stone designs on the walls. On the far side of the central section is a
reddish design, open this to reveal some shotgun shells.

# 5 – In the area where you find the fire key, there is a circular area
opposite with a pole in the center. Go around the other side of this pole,
look up at it and shoot the button. It rotates revealing a napalm cannon,
some TNT, flares and a life-seed.

# 6 – In the large circular area with the moving walls at the end of the
level, if you flick the switches and then quickly stand in the way of the
moving wall and follow it around, you’ll see a teleporter off to the side.
Stepping into this takes you to an area with an invincibility powerup in

SUPER SECRET: Behind the spider-key door there is a large opening facing
out above the clouds. _Slowly_ walking off the edge will cause you to land
on some “solid” cloud. If you walk off to the left, you eventually get to a
door. Open it and “I can’t believe you found this, here, have everything”
is displayed, and you have can pick up pretty much every item available in
the game.

Mission 7 – Altar of Stone

Secrets: Not reported

# 1 & # 2 Two openings in the wall facing outwards along the stairway leads
to a small ledge. There is some Super-Armor on the ledge that you access
from the left-hand side of the stairs and a life-seed on the ledge accessed
from the right side. Both have a teleporter which puts you back at the
entry point to the level.

SUPER SECRET: Suspected as not existing.

Mission 8 – House of Horrors (Secret Level)

Secrets: 5

# 1 – As you go out of the gate at the start of the level, walk straight
ahead and “through” the bushes just to the right of the wall. They are just
a hologram and hide a tommy gun and some ammo.

# 2 – Push the “River Ride” sign to open a room to your right with some
super-armor in it.

# 3 – At the graveyard with a pool in the corner, there is one tombstone
darker than the rest, push it to open a room with a life-seed in it.

# 4 – Just outside the graveyard is a door, going up the stairs behind the
door brings you to a room full of boxes. Right in front of you as you come
through the door are some crates, push these and you can get at a
Guns-Akimbo powerup.

# 5 – Outside of this store room, after blowing up the crack in the wall,
you get to an area with a sloped ledge running around it. Jump onto this
ledge and walk to the far end. Jump towards the gray wall and you get into
an area full of TNT and a doctors bag.


Here are any references to movies etc. seen / heard during the game, as well
as anything else that may or may not be a reference but can only be heard
at certain locations.

Grave in the secret area near the start of E1M1 says “DRAVEN” which is used
for Eric Draven in the movie “The Crow”. The zombies “brains, more brains”
comes from “Return of the Living Dead”. “Morningside” funeral home is from
the movie “Phantasm”. Using the wash-basin in the crematorium results in
“Out, out damn spot” a line from Shakespeares play “MacBeth.” The
“Miskatonic” train station refers to the H.P Lovecrafts’ books, where
“Miskatonic” is the name of the New England university which has a copy of
the fabled “Necronomicon”. “Pickmans Rare Books and Maps” is a another H.P.
Lovecraft reference from a story where Pickman is the main character. “A
Cask of Amontillado “is the title of an Edgar Allan Poe short story. If you
use the juke-box n the train-station bar you get moaning & screaming. Using
the wash-basin in the train-station kitchen results in “I like my hands
bloody “. In hidden area # 1 of the Dark Carnival level there’s a prison
uniform with “Kimble” written on it, from “The Fugitive” (Richard Kimble)
Freakshow: Chanting “One of us” (“Freaks” by Tod Browning (USA, 1932)) and
the hand is saying “I’ll swallow your soul” (Evil Dead 2, Evil Dead 3 / Army
of Darkness) On level 6, if you have god-mode on and jump out of the
building, you can see “Whoa, this is like, a really deep hole” written on
the side of the wall, this is from “Bill and Teds bogus journey”. “Jojo the
Idiot circus boy “is from the movie” Tommy Boy “

Said by “Blood” (Caleb):

“I live again” (Army of Darkness) If you push the DRAVEN tombstone, Caleb
utters ‘Nevermore’, from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. Using the bar in
the train-station grill gives “I sure could use a drink” Sings various
broadway songs. “I did it my way”, “There’s no business like show business”
and “Strangers in the night” Using rat-dog stand in carnival: “Mmmm, rat
burgers “from” Demolition Man “Using the first balloon (Dark Carnival):” Do
these blow up into funny shapes? “(Raising Arizona) Entering the Duke-Nukem
secret area – “I ain’t got time to play with you” Using a balloon on “House
of Horrors “-” Don’t waste my time. “” That’s all folks “- Porky Pig” Okay,
who wants some “- Bruce Campbell from” Army of Darkness “” I love the smell
of napalm in the morning “- Apocalypse now” Is that gasoline I smell? ” –
Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) from “The Crow” “Ta da!” – Whatever you want….
“Who wants some, huh? Who’s next?” – Ash (Bruce Campbell) from “Army of
Darkness “” I have something for you. “” You just gonna stand there and
bleed? “” That’ll teach ya! “” Ooh, that wasn’t a bit nice. “” Amateurs! “
“Fool! You are already dead.” “What’re you gonna do, bleed on me ?!” – Monty
Python & the holy grail

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