Blood Bowl 2: Advice (Instructions for hacking money, experience and stats in Blood Bowl 2 using the Cheat Engine)

Hello dear players!

Recently I was looking for a working trainer for Blood Bowl 2, but unfortunately I did not find anything worthwhile and working, and the table from this the topic is out of date because the values ​​have changed. Therefore, I decided to post a detailed instruction on hacking the game using Cheat Engine. This instruction is relevant for pirates, I have not tested it on the licensed version.

So let’s go…

1. Launch Cheat Engine and Blood Bowl 2

2. We go to the menu and go to the tab we need (Campaign or League, it works there and there). I lay out the instrumentation on the example of the League.

3. We go to “Playing in the League” and create our team, give us a name, choose a uniform, stadium, etc. We don’t buy players yet (in the window “Entrust the formation to assistants?” click “No”).

4. A page with the purchase of players and the current balance opens. We look at our money (mine is 1,000,000):

five. So we need to look for this value. But in the game everything is determined not in this format, but in HEX format. Therefore, we will convert all values ​​to HEX format for searching in the Cheat Engine. To do this, we will use a regular calculator in Windows (in the calculator we choose not a standard one, but a software calculator): 


6. The value was found. Can be broken. We go to Cheat Engine and be sure to do the following:

– Choosing a process with a game

– Check the HEX box and enter our HEX value (There must be 6 characters. I have only 5 in the screenshot, one letter F is defined as 0F (zero in front). Also with other symbols, letters. If we found 6 values, then we do not add anything, if 5 values ​​- look where we have one letter / number and add zero in front of it).

– In the ” Value of type“choose”Array of bytes

– Click “First scan

7. Will find many meanings, we need to weed out everything except the necessary.


– Our money is decreasing, we look at their value in the game, we drive it into the calculator

– Hex value is again driven into Cheat Engine and clicked “Next scan

8. So we found the right value.

– Click on it 2 times with the left mouse button, it will appear at the bottom.

– Go to the calculator, drive in the number we need (for money, for example, 5 million), look at the HEX value

– We return to the Cheat Engine, drive in the HEX value, click “OK”.

– We go into the game, buy something again, and look at a new amount of money.

nine. That’s all! We have already bought all the players, all the bonuses, the 4th level stadium and the infrastructure before starting the game. Without hacking, we can barely manage to assemble a strong team. Hacking players and experience left.

Now we only have to hack player stats and experience. I really do not recommend breaking stats, as the game is not interesting. With the stats of all players 9/12/9/12, opponents will not even beat you, the chances of winning are 100%. You can hack the experience while maintaining interest in the game..

If, nevertheless, you decide to hack everything and after 3 hours forget about the game and delete it, follow the instructions below:

  Experience and stats break in the same way as money, with the difference that you need to drive in the full value of the player. Like this?

For example, we have a player with stats: Movement = 7, Strength = 5, Dexterity = 1, Armor = 10

– We immediately open the calculator and see how much 10 will be in HEX format (0A). You don’t need to look at 1-digit numbers, the value is the same in all formats.

– Open Cheat Engine, set the same settings and type in: 0705040A, look for, select everything that is found (CTRL + A), press the right mouse button, add it down. Again, select everything below, hold down CTRL, press the mouse button and change the value to the desired one (it will change for all values ​​selected).

– Attention! the maximum values ​​in the game are Movement = 9, Strength = 12, Dexterity = 9, Armor = 12 (In HEX format, this is 090C090C)! Do not indicate it above these numbers, the game will start to glitch and will not be able to play!

At the very beginning, if you have several players in your team with the same stats, they will change for everyone as needed, look at who has not changed (go to the main menu, and then back to the league), look for values ​​and change them too.

With experience it is exactly the same, but for convenience and comfort, it is necessary that the PLAYER WAS ABOVE THE FIRST LEVEL. If it’s level 1, you won’t find the value you’re looking for..

For example, a player with stats “Movement = 6, Strength = 5, Dexterity = 3, Armor = 8” is on the second level with 3 experience points.

Looking in Cheat Engine: 06 05 03 08 02 03 (no spaces). The first 4 values ​​are stats, then level, then current experience.

Change to the values ​​we need.

Attention! Do not specify experience above 99-100! I don’t know why, but it doesn’t change the meaning!

The instruction was made primarily for beginners, sorry for the many letters!

That’s all!

This is my first instruction on this portal – do not spit much =)))

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