BloodRayne: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

Passing bosses.
The first boss is the spider uterus in the ship graveyard. In principle, you can quickly run from it in a circle and shoot back on the go – it’s difficult to miss. Plus a couple of pieces of dynamite – the rest is achieved with neat double jumps. There is another way. In this location there is a ship that the uterus is unable to sink, therefore, climbing on it, you can deftly shoot her point-blank, and then finish off, since she will be in a sedentary state.

The second boss is the leader of the Satanist religious fanatics. He lives in the church. After the airy speeches and the end of the video, the action begins so familiar to everyone from the movie “The Matrix”. We are hiding behind the columns, which are blown away by kilograms of machine-gun lead. Well. The tactics are as follows. In no case should you run from the side – the German will turn around and immediately leave. You need to enter from the front by jumping over the turret. Once from behind, shoot sharply from everything at hand. Shoot until the enemy drives away and turns around. We run after the columns to the other end and repeat the operation. However, you can run not only behind the columns. There is a more interesting way. There is a rim under the roof of the hall that you can jump onto. If you run on it, most of the bullets will not reach you. And it is much more convenient for a fascist to jump behind the back. The running out soldiers need to be devoured at the Opposite end of the room from the enemy, otherwise he will chop you with lead during the meal. Cutting it is extremely inconvenient, so try to get by with firearms.

The third boss is the commando. This pepper is weak compared to the previous leader. He will sometimes use smoke grenades to disorient you and temporarily disable the ability to slow time. It doesn’t matter. It is easy to kill him – the main thing is to be behind your back, and then chop it for your pleasure. You can also shoot at point-blank range – the armor does not save you from this. In general, nothing complicated.

The fourth boss is a butcher. A vampire in the service of the Nazis. She uses her rage and time dilation quite quickly. It is almost impossible to soak her in a fair fight, especially since she resorts to cunning tricks – she can let current on the floor, or send you to the bottom of the cesspool, so we are not shy about the means. When a blonde is standing at the console, you can shoot her or turn on rage. However, most of the time she runs and flies after you. This battle can only be completed in time dilation mode. There is an effective method. You can jump to the maximum height and drop in front of the enemy (she runs after you). At the last moment, click on the jump a second time (yes, this is an old familiar trick that is applicable not only for breaking through walls and doors). The blow shocks the girl, she loses her health and freezes. At the same moment, without landing yet, we press the blow. The effect is a powerful jump attack that deals additional damage. Further, I do not advise you to fight, when the girl comes to her senses, begins to thrash with her legs and hands so that it does not seem a little. It is best to continuously repeat the described combination.

The fifth boss is a pair of freaks that resemble a gorynych snake after death. I advise you to shoot everything that is in them, as well as feed a couple of grenades. The guys have very thick life bars. Beating them by hand is no fun. Rage alone can take about 60% of a monster’s life. The third weirdo who comes out after the death of the first two is no longer a boss and I advise him not to beat him at all.

The sixth boss is a command demon. The tactics are similar to the first time. The main thing here is to find the bastard when he escapes. Further – a matter of technology.

The seventh boss is three mountain snakes. A very difficult fight. I advise you to choose one weirdo and wet it until you lose your pulse. First we shoot from a safe distance. Then you can return to the previous locations (we go down to the bottom, then we go up along the outer rim of the cave). There, in a successful scenario, there is a panzershrak, panzerfaust, a couple of machine guns and a lot of many light weapons. Having spent all the weapons, you can cut into hand-to-hand combat. If all goes well, then you have three wounded monsters, or two almost healthy. In any case, try to keep your health up to this point. Next, we collect the creatures together and cut in the rage. If you have enough health, then they will die before you, since when chopping close the lives of you and the monsters are spent equally. In principle, a lot depends on luck..

The eighth boss is Mauler. Super Soldier. One of the simplest leaders. Even without using time dilation and rage. Moreover, living first-aid kits will be thrown out of the doors. We stand behind our backs and wet, constantly turning with the monster. All.

The ninth boss is fighting robots. At a light level, they urinate with a banal head-on swoop. We are constantly pouring rockets, grenades and lead. More difficult levels require tactics. You can hide behind the columns, go out, shoot and hide again. Time dilation and god mode do not work in combat robot.

The tenth boss is Means. An old friend. Killing her is a lot easier than that silicone blonde. So. We shoot point-blank, rush up the stairs, wait, shoot point-blank, jump into the flight, wait for the stupid AI to go down the stairs (!!!) and shoot point-blank. So until the cartridges run out. Then we follow Means into the fresh air, turn on the rage and press the left mouse button. Even an unequal amount of health will not save a traitor.

The eleventh boss is Hadrox. The most bloodless battle. Using the trophy eye from above, shoot the diagonal beams that secure the floor. We finish the rest manually. It’s the same with the lower floor. Bathing werewolves in their own juice. End of battle.

The twelfth boss is Simon and Sigmund. Average lousy guys. If you want to. You can gouge the pillars. The process is long and extremely tedious. But then you will deprive enemies of shelter. Then we traditionally shoot and then we wet. The safest is the jump attack. We jump high, land tucking on the fly and press the attack. The blow is strong, but it is better to jump back immediately. Double jumping on brothers does not have any stunning effect (as it did with the butcher). You only need to wet one. Why, you will understand when you finish the battle.

Thirteenth (!!!) last fight. There are two bastards at once. Wolfe and Beliar (D&D fans may call him Baalor out of old friendship). So there are four possible endings. I list them according to the degree of desirability increase for us. First. Beliar grows to the limit and wets Rain and Wolfe. Accordingly, the end of the world is foreseen. Second. Beliar only wets Rainey, since Wolfe is already dead. Nothing good either. Third. We wet Beliar first, then Wolfe goes into hiding. Kind of like contined tu bi. Third, we wet Wolfe first, then Beliar and see the dear gestures towards them performed by the woman of my dreams. Okay, enough lyrics. In principle, both last endings are acceptable. Therefore, if possible, we kill either only Beliar (immediately and only from a firearm. On the second floor there are many cannons, a couple of grenades, machine guns and a panzerfaust). After three growths, it is almost impossible to soak it. In principle, you can try first to overwhelm Wolfe (4 rage at least) and then Beliar. But in this case, you need to have the speed of an electric broom and have Luck at least 18. Happiness to you!

How to kill Beliar!
You need to aim at his spine (where a normal person has a stomach) – one set of weapons is usually enough. Still on the third column to the right of the entrance lies a greneytwurf, while Beliar is small, let him go into the corridor behind Wulf – we throw grenades at him there, then moisten Wulf – press him into a corner in the corridor and turn on the rage – two times is usually enough (sometimes one), Beliar in the meantime, let him grow up, then we go out to the second floor (if we are not old enough, we still wait while collecting weapons). When he is a little higher than the 2nd floor – shoot him in the spine without any problems! All!

First, hello to all lovers of the best game.
To everyone who got hold of this game, my greetings and condolences at the same time – I am glad for you that you, too, will definitely become one of the fans of a fragile and serous (for all villains) girl, and condolences because you will need to try a little in order to complete this game with pleasure for myself (and for pride’s sake too).
My first advice, of course, refers to the first level of fucking America (wildly sorry – Louisiana) – in order to soak the mother of the earth (or whatever her mother is) without much effort, you need to spot a large black ship from the very beginning of the level, which is an order of magnitude larger than others (it seems to be at the beginning of the level). When you find a uterus, run to it and jump aboard (boarding !!!) the uterus will not jump on it, but will stand as if tied at the side, while its muzzle will put it so close to it that you can wet it from the trunks somehow it’s a pity – as a result, Watson, we gently stroke her face with silver blades – although for some reason she does not purr and rubs her leg, but throws back her hooves (the horse she ate) and raises her paws (this time her ) up and breathes.
The second and, in my opinion, important – 3 Snake Gorynych, like the keepers of the temple (three heads for a brother and one end (in the sense of a tail) for them), probably also a glitch of the game, but after playing hide and seek with them, they begin to think that I can hide behind the claws that grow at the edge of the hole, therefore – they stop behind them and seem to move in your direction, but at the same time they stand still. This effect works for me when one of the Serpents has already been thrown down and lowered to smithereens. Then you can calmly walk up to a distance to one of them and beat slowly, increasing the bloody rage, and then cut it in and mock it to your (vampire) pleasure. Deal with another stuck in the same way.
Third, the adept is the priest. He is vulnerable if you start running from him in circles and even if you run from him at a short distance he will not have time to dodge along with his tribune and you will remain intact, at the same time you need to catch the moment when he starts to recharge – then he does not pay attention to you, but he is engaged in his machine gun, then you will soak it from the back (you can also aim at the back). Several such reloading and “father” cranks
Fourth – when a man shoves a tank on you (in the sense of an idiot with a pipe instead of an eye (second-level boss)) run around him, because he is very clumsy and therefore it will be possible to wet him in the back while turning with him while increasing bloody anger and then turning it off to wet it even more. With the build-up of strength and bloody anger, soldiers will help you, who will get tangled under your feet.
The fifth assholes – Carlsons can be pulled to the ground by using a harpoon.
Sixth – do not wet your friend – a childhood vampire on the steps if she has half her life left, because her level of strength will not decrease until both of you are on the edge of the abyss.
Knock down the bell to punch your way through the town hall in the castle.
Do not knock down vampires (the three most important), but shoot at the beams that hold the floor and they will fall into the water where they will burn.
Shoot in the heart of Beliar (his most vulnerable spot), and even better, while passing through the minefield, kill the grenade launchers at a distance and take the grenade launcher with the greatest number of missiles and then, aiming with the help of a special eye, shoot the demon first, and then take on the idiot – fascist for which non-dull bloody rage is enough.
And so you show everyone FUCK and go to meet new adventures that will arise on Halloween 2004, and that’s when Bloodrayne 2 will be released.
See you on the new battles of your favorite game!!!

When you meet with Means, there is an option not to kill her completely, but to throw her into the abyss, perhaps she will be thrown from the blow, or maybe Rayne will jump into the abyss along with Means (if you can get to a small performance).

The butcher can be killed simply by cracking the remote control – it will fly down.
Mauler is not a problem if the weapon is hacked (if there is a burglar).
The concrete wall has a “sill-sill”. His Mauler is unable to break through.

You can not fight with the officers, but just come up from behind, using time dilation, and eat them.

You need to kill Beliar first, because he grows. If you do this, the game will be saved and you will now always fight with only one leader (I hint: one is easier to soak than two :). And if on the contrary, then, firstly, nifiga will not survive, and secondly, Beliar will be so huge that it is almost impossible to have time to soak it before Game Over.

In the battle with the butcher, you can stand on the pieces of iron, through which the current flows (naturally, so that it does not hurt you), then you will not fall down.

By and large, each gamer has his own tactics for passing games, but still there are often misunderstandings with the passage of the “biggest bosses”. So boss N1:
Spider Womb.

So, we wait, sir, until this creature gets out of the water and comes almost right up. Wait, while she is still “on the way” to you, it is advisable to release a couple of clips into her. It won’t hurt. Then, turn on the Blood Rage, run behind it (because due to its size the Spider is not very agile) and cut, cut, cut for our pleasure. In order to overwhelm the insect, I needed a couple of Rages and several living first-aid kits, which are found in abundance in the area. On the small creatures, which our Spider gives birth to along the way, they run around and are methodically destroyed during the Fury. Although I personally did not pay attention to them. Warning: this method is suitable for those who can masterfully control the Rhine, because speed is important in order to be constantly behind.

Jurgen Wolf and Beliar:

The order of killing this sweet couple does not really matter. Of course, you can kill Beliar first, but we’re not looking for easy ways, are we? We run to the second floor (away from Beliar, which only interferes) and there we kill Wulf. Ideally, drive him into some corner or press him against a column and turn on the Blood Fury. Meanwhile, Beliar, a bastard, grows to an unimaginable size, but it’s not so scary. We kill him as follows: we go down the stairs to the first floor, but do not go out into the hall itself. We are, so to speak, under the cover of an arch leading to a flight of stairs. Beliar does not have a special mind, therefore he stands quietly and calmly somewhere in the center of the hall. We activate a special ability, which I call “aiming” and aim at his heart. Several clips are usually enough.
Well, we enjoy the victory.

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