Bonuses pre-customers The Secret World

Bonuses pre-customers The Secret World
Electronic Arts, Help FunCom with MMORPG publication and promotion The Secret World, Announced the guaranteed way to all those who wish to get into the number of lucky ones admitted to open beta weekends. For this, just need to pre-order the game. And starting on May 11 (six weeks before the release scheduled for June 19) you are in Bethe.

However, participation in it is not the only reward, relying to pre-orders. They will also be able to start playing before others already in the release version and, in addition, will receive various exclusive joys: a man who accelerates a set of experience, pet (wolf, an Egyptian cat or a riding) and a unique T-shirt. And the last not for myself, but for the character – the game is happening in our time, so the actual anticipation in it.

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