Book Of Unwritten Tales

Epic fantasy advenchur released in Germany for more than a year ago The Book of Unwritten Tales Finally took the course to an international release. The logistics of the project is engaged in jointly Jowood And Dreamcatcher, and publishers have already promised the car and a couple of dump trucks of good. Since there are more than forty characters in the game, constantly communicating with each other, there are many books and other texts, the translation and voice act must become no less epic than game events. Representatives Jowood assured that all the dialogs will be swoing and will adequately translate the entire literary part so that the wonderful game does not lose when localization is not the slightest share of Charm.

Plot The Book of Unwritten Tales Standine, not to say stamped: Great Gremlinsky thinker Mortimer McGaffin took a heavy work to save and maintain a powerful artifact capable of changing the fate of the world. It protects the artifact it is not alone, but in the company with compatriots, but even such a crowd may not be enough to cope with the army of shadows that dreams of enslaving everyone and the whole. But in this unkind hour in the affairs of world politics, in addition to his will, three heroes of the Alliance were involved. And the hour immediately became kind, because the heroes got the right and definitely everyone will save and keep everything.

But the remarks of the game and plot stamps, however, perfectly with each other get along. Since the pathetic history is nothing more than a parody of fantasy and adventure classics. Like “the Lord of the Rings” or even “Indiana Jones”. By the way, German reviewers have already confirmed the quality of development of high estimates. Yes, and Gamers probably voted the euro exclusively “for”, otherwise who would spend money on localization?

See international light The Book of Unwritten Tales Must at the end of this year.

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