Borderlands 2: Tips for Leveling Special Forces

Borderlands 2: Tips for Leveling the SWAT

How to survive on Pandora.

In Borderlands 2, there is no need to talk about “right” or “wrong” character development – any combination of skills of any hero will suit any style of play. And so that you can quickly find “your” character and “your” style – we will tell you what each character is capable of and give some examples of how they can be played. We’ll start with the easiest to learn, but far from the most boring character in the game – the commando Exton.

Characteristics from the place of work

Exton is the “cheapest” of all the criminals wanted on Pandora. They are trying to insult us?

Exton’s active skill is the Saber turret. The commando throws a small box, which in a few seconds turns into a machine-gun turret and opens fire on opponents in sight. It is impossible to control the Saber, but she chooses the targets sensibly, shoots quite accurately and very painfully.

In twenty seconds the turret will automatically return to the belt of the commando. You can pick it up early – the less time the “Saber” spends in an active state, the faster you can deploy it again. The maximum interval between two uses of the skill is forty-two seconds.

Passive skills increase the combat effectiveness of the turret and the hero himself. The Guerilla skill tree increases the firepower of the Saber – increases damage, rate of fire, accuracy, and also adds new types of ammunition to it. The Gunpowder tree skills also increase the firepower, but for the Exton itself – the turrets they give increased durability and the ability to strengthen the commando. The Survival tree is aimed at protecting the hero, increasing his health and shields, as well as reducing the intervals between deploying the Saber.

Care instructions

A typical example of the use of the “Saber” – the enemy saws the turret, we saw the enemy. In a couple of seconds, the turret will switch roles with us.

Exton’s place in battle is strictly on the second line. He cannot withstand concentrated enemy fire, being on the front line, but a spetsnaz soldier can hold dispersed fire for almost hours. A fair amount of passive skills provide him with mobility and different options for regeneration, so first go catch up with the hero, and then go kill him..

Exton always carries his personal “front line fighter” on his belt. This makes the SWAT almost ideal candidate for solo playthroughs – two characters for the price of one! What will be more in your style of play – running, hiding in cover or shooting – depends on the skills that you develop first. For example, here are several options – one for each skill tree..

Duncan Macleod

The solo build is based on a survival tree – without partners, there will be no one to lift to our feet when we fall. Therefore, first of all, we will develop “Preparation”, which will give us health regeneration with a full shield, and “Pressure”, which will speed up the charge of the shield at low health. After that, any skirmish with our participation will turn into the canonical “took cover, regenerated”. After that, priority is the Phalanx Shield, which will surround our turret with a dome that does not allow enemy shells to pass through, but our.

On this, it makes sense to temporarily leave the survival branch alone and develop the guerrilla branch – to strengthen our only ally, the turret. Having increased its rate of fire and accuracy with the Sentry and Laser Sight skills, we will equip the Saber with a rapid-fire rocket launcher using the Scorched Earth skill.

After that, until the very fiftieth level, we gradually grow the “Survival” tree to the end. We will increase the maximum level of health, buy the “Mag-Lock”, which will allow you to deploy the turret not only on the floor, but also on the wall and ceiling, reduce the interval between activations of the “Saber” with the help of “Resourceful” … Final skill branches will allow you to place two turrets on the battlefield at the same time – with such equipment, who generally needs these partners?

Yashka the artilleryman

A much more risky build for teamwork – less concern for health, more efficiency from the turret. We climb along the partisan tree to the “Scorched Earth” through the “Sentinel” and “Laser Sight” – at the early levels your turret will make life much easier for your partners. We will provide regeneration with the skill “Able”, which will give us an increase in health regeneration after damaging the enemy.

Then we will go through the gunpowder tree. We will increase the weapon damage with the Impact skill, we will purchase the Metal Storm so that killed enemies will temporarily increase the rate of fire, and, finally, we will buy a turret with a teleport. The latter will double the strength of the “Saber” and increase the radius of the turret throw of meters, that is, by thirty – which will greatly facilitate our life already due to the prompt delivery of the “Saber” from the shelter immediately to the rear of the enemy.

After that, we reach the end along the partisan branch – the last skill will double the number of guns on the turrets, and in addition, it will also change the shells to buckshot, which increases the damage to the wounded enemy. Those who are not smashed by your turret will be finished off by partners.

Boris-Fuck-you’ll get

Fewer turrets, more explosions, and solid manual work. We’ll have to rush around like a madman, despite the fact that the survival rate of the “aggressive” commandos is far from being up to par.

On the tree of “gunpowder” we pass to the turret with a teleport. After that, we climb the partisan tree along the “Ready” branch (accelerates reloading) – “Always ready!” (speeds up shield recharge) and Ready – Willing – Able to give yourself at least some survivability. In the same place, we put two or three points (no more, otherwise the level ceiling will not be enough!) In the “Assault” skill, and killing opponents will give us a rather strong acceleration.

After that, we develop the powder branch to the end. Do Or Die will allow us to throw grenades while bleeding, Battlefront will boost our attacks during Saber, and Ranger will give a small boost to all stats … The final skill is “Nuke”, after which the turret will explode deafeningly upon arrival. The explosion will not affect the “Saber” itself, the enemies will also not be as impressed as we would like – but it will set it on fire, both organic and inorganic.

In such situations, the “Saber” should be thrown without looking – it will take a lead on flying targets better and faster than we.

Of course, these three extremes are just a small part of the possible paths for Exton’s development. Experiment, combine and remember – you need to adjust the character to your style of play, and not adjust yourself to the chosen skills. Enjoy your game and beautiful battles!

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