“Bootillo” – a new quest from 1C

“Bootillo” – a new quest from 1C
Just do not confuse this snebering stick with this sinking, buocuillo – not naive. He is a nightmare for manual, headache for the police, “its own board” for homeless and tuneev. And it is not surprising, because he was astroed him, unsuspecting nothing, Dad Carlo from … fees. The plate was previously stood on the city square, and for the century I absiled so much evil that would have enough for the army of the maniacs.

Incredible adventures of Pillillo and his adventures will surprise even sophisticated players, and the atmosphere of madness, black humor, although sometimes shocks, but attracts like a magnet.

Humor, jokes, unexpected events, non-standard situations and extraordinary passage – that’s what the player is waiting in the new Quest “Bootillo“.

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