Bus Simulator 2016: Tip (Hack Game)

Bus Simulator 2016: Tip (Hack Game)

And so now I will tell you how you can hack the game “Bus Simulator 2016”.

First we need the “Cheat Engine” program. Download and install it. Launch “Bus Simulator 2016” and open any save. Launch “Cheat Engine” and select our game. Enter the amount of money in the account in the search line (For example: 250,000). Click “First Scan”. Select all values ​​with “Shift” while holding it. After that, click on the small red arrow below. Select all these values ​​by holding “Shift”. Right-click and select “Change record” => “Value”. We enter any amount of money (For example: 250,000,000). Close the “Cheat Engine”. Without saving the game, start any route and go to the end. After driving the route, save the game. Drum roll … Start saving and you have a bunch of $.

Download CheatEngine from our server you can here.

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