Call Of Duty: Base Assault Tips & Tactics

Chapter 1. How to find “your” place on the battlefield.

99% of the fighters entering the server immediately rush into the thick of the battle, not really delving into the situation around, but in vain, it is sometimes useful. Glance down the screen. Look at what your team and the opposing team have already achieved, it immediately shows you at what stage the battle is, what has already been done, and what remains to be done. Then pay attention to the radar, pay attention to which direction the attack is going now, to the intensity of the death of the soldiers. The mortality rate of fighters shows how strong the enemy’s resistance is in the direction of attack. If your comrades die more often than the enemy, it means that the enemy forces in this direction are more or more “fresh” and there is no point in immediately running to the rescue, especially if the “front line” is at some distance and not in sight, rushing to battle, you risk getting into the welcoming embrace of the enemy and failing to inflict serious damage on him. Here you must make a choice either to go the other way to the attack on your own, or to take a place in the defense, waiting for the respawn of the dead comrades and joining them.
Only a battle can show how the choice is correct, but as experience shows, group attacks are more successful than single ones, in 99 cases out of 100 (never underestimate the enemy).

If the caps of the enemy’s bunkers are intact, then there is not much point in rushing headlong towards them, hoping to capture the enemy’s equipment … with a high degree of probability, you will not succeed, the enemy often takes care of his property. So it makes sense to either wait for a group of comrades and together try to change the situation in battle, or, having noticed your equipment moving towards the enemy, join it, providing cover … at the stage of demolishing the bunker covers, tankers are more important people than it might seem, but tanks are without infantry cover very vulnerable … so be honest with yourself, decide who you are … an attack aircraft, a defender (many consider this to be a camper, in vain … in team battles, much depends on the patience of a defender guarding a bunker, and it’s no less honorable than flying into an enemy bunker with grenades for an advantage) or a tank / jeep driver. If you are not an Akhov tanker, then it is better to give way to a more experienced tanker, as a rule, these soldiers shoot at their tanks from a machine gun when they are ready to take it.

Now let’s look around again … and so the attack drowns, so we should wait for the guests … maybe it makes sense to wait for them before heroically perishing? If the attack continues, then pay attention to other approaches to your positions … perhaps the enemy regrouped … therefore, moving to help the fighters try to watch the flank where your fighters are not visible.
About artillery, we have masters at the front who are better off to make way for the anti-aircraft gun … the most optimal thing is to occupy an empty anti-aircraft gun when attacking the enemy and release it at the first request (again, shooting at the barrel of the anti-aircraft gun in front of your eyes).

The most important thing: always be aware of how experienced you are, how realistically you can resist the enemy, if you are not a super attack aircraft, but there is no patience to sit in defense, then it’s not scary, you will perfectly fit into the defense floor (covering tanks, mining / demining bunkers, cleaning houses … there are a lot of tasks, the main thing is to highlight the priority, and it can be seen from the situation around you).

Chapter 2. Bunker Mining / Demining Actions.

We mine the bunker.

When approaching the enemy’s bunker, we look at the radar, if an icon is lit next to that there are our own, but within sight of no one means the fighters are already in the bunker … IMPORTANT: if the bunker is going to mine at the beginning of the battle, then it is advisable to hide next to the bunker, because as soon as the bunker starts to be mined hospitable owners will come right there, who are unlikely to like your desire to turn it into ruins. If there is a lot of the enemy, but you were not noticed … do not pretend to be a super-man, wait … as a rule, after throwing packages and grenades into the bunker, the enemy rushes in in a crowd, hurrying to clear mines … without leaving cover from above … here is your finest hour: run to ventilation and all the grenades there, but rather the explosion of the package … the main thing is to wait for the start of mine clearance (not earlier).
If a bunker is being mined when the enemy or teammates have artillery, then you need to stay away from the bunker, but so that you can see the entrance to the bunker (this is ideal), the principle of action is the same. Keep an eye on the radar and time to blast indicator.

Demining the bunker.

The most important thing is to look at the radar again, do not throw grenades and a package if there are teammates in the bunker.
Do not run in a crowd inside, pushing … keep your distance, if a comrade is dead, but the enemy is not inside, you need to throw grenades into the ventilation. Do not stand in the passage, maybe a more experienced player will be able to better cope with the task of demining, then your task is to cover it, the main thing is not to take frags, but to save the bunker.

Remember the radar, this is the very golden tool that will help you navigate the situation around you, it is your sixth sense, it is your friend and helper … learn before doing any important action first check with it.

Article author * Purgen *.

Bunker clearance.

Playing for a long time, I realized that this is a whole science. I’ll make a reservation right away, this is how I do it, so this is just advice..
Bunker clearance. (PRESS THE F BUTTON (default) NEXT TO MINES)
The most important thing here (like Satir’s) is to assess the situation.

1. How long until the explosion of the bunker (an arrow goes on the icon of the mined bunker at the bottom of the screen, makes one full turn before the explosion).

2. The presence of enemies / friends at the bunker.
The case if there are no enemies on the surface of the bunker.
If the time is more than half, then it is necessary to shower the enemy with grenades / explosion with a package. This should be done through the air outlet (a hole on the surface of the bunker) and through the main entrance (do not go down the stairs, throw from above, ricocheting off the walls). The package should be thrown first, then the grenade (the grenade explodes earlier, detonates the package from it, the result is that the enemy will die earlier)

ATTENTION!!! GAME BUG !!! The package explodes inside the bunker and kills everyone on the surface, so run away from the bunker a short distance warning your.
Do not think that the enemy is dead, in 30% the enemy is crippled, but alive, so entering the bunker is on acceleration (ALT).

If the time remains less than half of the dial, rush into the bunker immediately on acceleration, and fight below. Pay attention to the enemy, if he did not shoot at you, then most likely he was holding an explosion in his hands, after the death of the enemy the package remains without a check and will explode when you half-defuse the bunker. If the enemy left the package DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MINE THE BUNKER – IMMEDIATELY get a grenade and throw it next to the package, try to run away (the grenade will explode, the package will detonate and explode a little earlier than it should, and maybe you or your partner will have time to defuse the bunker).
Most importantly, watch the situation, they often throw grenades at the bunker when they are already there..
If on the surface the bunker is covered by an enemy.
If there is a lot of time and you are not walking alone – try to shoot the enemy, you should not rush in right away.
If time is short or enemies are MUCH more (especially if there are tanks), throw smoke on the surface of the bunker. Then try to get into the bunker. Enter it at acceleration (because the enemy is waiting for you). Well, then your shooting skill plays a major role. There is already nothing to advise.
IMPORTANT!!! If your ally is already clearing mines in the bunker, do not rush to leave, cover the entrance to the bunker so that the enemy does not kill the deminer.

Bunker mining.

So, I will not describe how to get into the bunker, there are too many nuances, let’s start from the moment when you are standing at the bunker. Run inside as fast as possible. It is easier to defend below than on the surface. But at the same time, try to look around, assessing the number of opponents around and the most important thing is THEY NOTICE YOU OR NOT. Before going downstairs, throw a couple of smoke on the surface of the bunker, this will prevent the enemy from throwing normally grenades inside (of course he will throw them, but the cherished air vent will be looking for a couple of seconds longer, which is important). Descend on acceleration, often the enemy lies inside and waits for you, so be careful. Further – the assessment of the situation. If you were noticed, or you were killed by going inside the enemy’s bunker, then be sure, they reported about you and they run to you, immediately start mining the bunker, if there is an artillery strike, call it on yourself before mining. If the enemy around was not noticed, and you are confident in your shooting skills, you can also mine, but it is better to inform your comrades about the penetration into the bunker. It is also worth doing if there is a large accumulation of enemies around the bunker, and you managed to secretly enter the bunker. It is necessary to inform in writing, standard phrases (the letter “V” by default) do not apply, your cry will be heard by enemies. Mine only in a group.
So you are mining. If you do it alone – listen, the enemy usually stomps heavily, and you will hear him in advance (look at the radar, maybe this is your fighter), in this case, drop mining and get ready for defense. If you are not alone at the bottom, then continue to mine to the end. Take up defense after mining. There are a couple of standard tricks:

1. Take a bazooka / faust and aim at the stairs to wait for the enemy. Even if you do not kill, then stun him with an explosion, and finishing him will not be a problem.
2. With a machine gun, lie down on the side of the rack in the middle of the bunker, so that you can see the stairs. I hope it’s clear. However, if the enemy passes your firing angle, you are dead 90% of the time..
If there are two of you, it is best to combine these defenses. You should not lie down in front of the stairs, the enemy is higher than you and the lying position will not give you an advantage. IMPORTANT!!! When there is less than half of the time left before the explosion, pick up an explosive package and hold down the “FIRE”. After your death, the package will explode after a while, the enemy will not have time to defuse the bunker.
A huge advantage is given by an artillery strike, the enemy under fire will not even be able to enter, but call him in turn, having discussed this moment (in the team spike, of course, you will hardly have time to do this in the chat), otherwise it happens that 3 people call art at the same time.
While in the bunker, constantly listen, a package or grenade thrown into your bunker makes a characteristic sound. If a packet flew into the bunker, run out onto the stairs and wait for an explosion, if you survived, immediately go back down. Sometimes you can hide from a grenade in the opposite corner, but often you also have to run out onto the stairs (while you are the most vulnerable), you can throw a grenade onto the surface of the bunker.
And remember, Rambo is only in the movies, mining is best done together in a group.

Posted by Helmut Pabst.

Goals and objectives of the “Assault on the base” mode.
We have three bunkers and three at the enemy.
Destroy all enemy bunkers, while at least one of our bunkers must remain intact.
Bunker destruction takes place in two stages.
Stage 1.
We destroy the “box” itself. The base of the bunker is destroyed only by shots from tanks, bazookas and faust cartridges. Explosives also inflict damage to the bunker. After the destruction of the bunker box, it is necessary to blow it up completely. To do this, you need to go down to the basement of the bunker, go to the bomb lying on the floor and press ” F “activate it.
In the same way, with the “F” key you need to defuse your bunker.

First of all, I want to note the huge difference between the gameplay (hereinafter the battle) of CoD from CoD: UO. If in CoD in TDM mode (and in other modes the same), reaction speed and combat skills of individual fighters played a very important role, then in CoD: UO they have lost their former, global significance. Especially in the Assault on the Base mode. The UO mode. Assault on the base is the main (shock) mode. Therefore, this article will be entirely devoted to the tactics of actions of the tank formation during the Assault on the base..
Why is the formation in my opinion a tank? The answer is the following: tanks, infantry and artillery work together on the UO battlefield..
During the Second World War, from the very beginning of hostilities, there were tank armies and divisions near the Wehrmacht and a mechanized corps near the Red Army. By 1942, closer to 1942, the Red Army abandoned the organization of mechanized corps and also moved to tank armies and divisions. There were also tank brigades in the Red Army..
What was the composition of the tank division of the Wehrmacht and the Red Army at the beginning of the war?
It would be a big mistake to think that a tank division / mechanized corps consists only of tanks. Infantry, artillery and aviation closely interact with tanks. There is no aviation in the UO, so we will completely ignore it (I hope we will have to ignore aviation only until CoD2 is released).
The number of the largest 2nd Panzer Group Guderian (on June 22, 1941) was 994 tanks and more than 110,000 personnel. While the staffing of the mechanized corps of the Red Army was 1,031 tanks and only 36,080 people. Artillery was also present in the tank groups on both sides. One of the reasons for the national catastrophe in the summer of 1941 (but naturally not the only one) was precisely the small number of infantry in the mechanized corps of the Red Army. Russian tanks, without the support of infantry, counterattacked the shock units of the Wehrmacht head-on and were destroyed in In a UO battle, we see how a frontal attack by tanks on an infantry position in (even with minimal tank support) turns into catastrophic losses for the attackers.?
The reason is simple and you do not need to graduate from the Academy of the General Staff in order to understand it..
At present, we have on the Don Front the favorite tactics of the commanders of the Red Army in the initial period of the war. Instead of striking with one tank massed fist, the extremely vicious practice of “spread fingers” is used. Tanks attack in small groups. Attacks are made without reconnaissance of the area. Without infantry support, which means that battles are chaotic and are characterized by catastrophic losses in armored vehicles and manpower.
Attacks must be carried out by massed forces (4-5 tanks) in the direction of the main attack. Before breaking through the enemy defense, it is necessary to conduct a reconnaissance of the terrain. To identify the least concentration of enemy defense. Infantry forces with heavy anti-tank weapons (bazookas, faust cartridges) provide flank cover for the advancing tanks. must, if necessary, completely clear the flank of the enemy infantry (or both flanks if the direction of the main attack of the tank group falls on the center) to ensure the guaranteed advancement of its tank group in the main direction of the attack. Before starting a mass tank attack, it is necessary to capture (neutralize) the enemy anti-tank artillery.
This is achieved by advancing an enemy assault group consisting of 2-3 fighters with heavy weapons (bazookas). These fighters must immediately advance in a jeep to a dense (using cover on the ground) to the anti-aircraft gun. And destroy the anti-tank gun service. If necessary, they must destroy the tank / infantry cover of the anti-aircraft gun. From practice on our server, it follows that usually the anti-aircraft gun with the calculation is very poorly covered or does not cover at all. Only after neutralizing the enemy anti-tank artillery in the direction of the main attack can you start a massive tank attack.
After a successful advance to the enemy’s bunker, 2-3 tanks destroy it.
Another 1-2 tanks at this time control the possible directions of enemy counterattacks. If necessary, units of the forward guard enter into battle with enemy tanks and must cut off the enemy infantry. In the event of a clear superiority of the enemy over the forward guard, the guard units must detain the enemy for as long as possible and attack him. the greatest damage. This is necessary so that the forces destroying the enemy’s bunker could as soon as possible destroy the bunker and take up a defense near it. As soon as the bunker is destroyed immediately one of the tankers must enter the bunker and mine it. The rest of the tanks at this time should be located in the immediate vicinity of the bunker and prevent the enemy from clearing mines.
Options here are possible.
a) The fighter who mined the bunker is inside the guard.
b) The soldier who mined the bunker leaves the bunker and takes his tank.
c) Tanks, on the other hand, take a position near the bunker or move away from it, taking the most advantageous positions to repel enemy attacks.
After an enemy bunker is destroyed, tanks with at least 80% of their armor are concentrated for the next attack. Tanks with less than 80% armor are destroyed or used for reconnaissance. Including for reconnaissance in force..
We considered the option of a massive tank offensive..
But we must in no way forget about defense..
While the tankers are in the attack, we must protect our bunker, which the enemy is attacking. Infantry with heavy weapons (faustpatron, bazookas) must actively prevent enemy tanks and infantry from attacking their bunker. Even if the infantry losses in the fight against enemy tanks will be high ( Let me remind you in this article we are talking about the game CoD: UO) the main thing is to prevent the enemy from quickly destroying the bunker.
Now some tips for fighting.
Both infantry and tank crews must always have heavy weapons with them. (Faust cartridges and bazookas) Without heavy weapons, it is not even worth starting active operations.
Tankers should leave the tank when the armor of the tank is 5-10% and try to destroy the enemy tank with a bazooka.
If possible, the tanker must destroy his tank with a residual armor of 5-10%..
Also, when moving, tankers must destroy our tanks abandoned by their crews, also in order for them to appear faster on their respawns..
The same applies to our jeeps..
Whenever possible, it is necessary to capture enemy tanks, for which it is even necessary to create special groups of mobile infantry in a jeep, the main obligation of which should be to capture enemy tanks.
If possible, then the captured tank must be driven into our rear and left there after disguising it. Then the enemy will not wait for his tank to respawn and will be forced to fight with fewer tanks.
Abandoned enemy tanks, unlike jeeps, do not explode over time.
And they remain standing until the end of the battle.

This Getting Started Guide was written prior to starting Team Fights..
Therefore, it cannot be taken as the ultimate truth..

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