Call of Duty: World at War: Game Tips (for those who play the veteran)

Game tips. (from neoanarhist aka Edmont Dantes)

Passed on a veteran.
What can I say? The game is very high quality and not about Russian terrorists, which pleases. First aid kits and arcade second Call of Duty are not observed. I was not pleased that the weapon was not enough, but the tearing off of body parts was performed at 5+: only from powerful barrels and realistic, and not like in Fallout3. On the veteran, the Nazis and the Japs showed, if not miracles of tactics, then at least well-coordinated interaction – grenades, barrage, etc..
There are not very many missions, but not a few, and they are large (mostly), the graphic performance of both the environment and the people and weapon models is at a height, and the fire is generally beyond praise.
The game is solid 10/10 points. MUST HAVE!

So, let’s start with. Firstly, these tips are written by me for those who play the veteran, and therefore everyone who drives the rookie does not need to read this.
Tip 1.
– Keep your weapon loaded! IS ALWAYS! A chance meeting with an enemy with an empty store is likely to throw you back to the next checkpoint, and since it is not always close, it is better not to face this problem and keep the clip full.
Tip 2.
-Do not save ammunition, there are a lot of them on the level and so, and, besides, weapons from mission to mission cannot be transferred, so shoot your fill! BUT! No need to waste them and shoot them into the void … it will not lead to anything good.
Tip 3.
– IN NO EVENT (!!!!) do not forget that your allies are not just “bots” running after you, but also a significant help in battle. It is often better to run a little ahead of them, and then wait until your valiant soldiers take a position (for example, the 3rd and 4th guns are stormed in front of the Reichstag in the penultimate mission). Sometimes you can leave your friends to hold the position, and go from the rear yourself, etc. Call of Duty: World at War gives you a lot of action, so experiment with different tactical tricks.
Tip 4.
-Watch the radar and the indicator of grenades, for it is the grenades that will become the main reason for swearing at the Axis fighters, because the fighters of Japan and Hitler’s Germany, apparently, have passed a special course “Throw the enemies of the Reich with fragmentation grenades” and throw their cans not only in a huge amount, but right at your feet, so the “Shift” key will save your life more than once.
And, in conclusion of the short course of the “young soldier” I want to tell you – try to search all rooms and dark corners – they often contain valuable types of weapons (such as MG-42, FG-42, Brauning M1919, Soviet PTRS (Simonov Anti-Tank Rifle) – 41 in the sniper version and a horizontal gun “Baikal”)
Good luck fighters!
Our cause is just! The enemy will be defeated!

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