Carcassonne / Die Erweiterung: Tip (Tips and tactics for playing)

Tips for beginners

Make sure that during the game you have at least one chip in stock. Do not rush to place all the chips on the playing field. Very promising options may appear.

By the end of the game, on the contrary, it is better to put all the chips on the playing field. For example, an unoccupied Field with luck can bring 6-9 points.

The fields are the easiest to combine. Track your competitors!

It is often advantageous to place your card in such a way as to make it impossible to continue the opponent’s City or Road. Then his chip will remain on the playing field until the end of the game and will bring fewer points than the opponent planned. To make such a move, you should analyze the cards remaining in the deck..

Opponents will also prevent you from developing possessions.

When developing your Cities, Roads, Monasteries and Fields, keep in mind what cards are left in the deck. Remember: the more players participate in the game, the less chance you have of getting the very only card that will allow you to close three Cities and two Monasteries at once..

In the game results window, the player’s picture (Knight, Abbot, Sheriff, Shepherd) reflects which chips he earned most of his points.

There are several different scoring options for Small Towns and Fields. To clarify the rules for the game, check them in the hint window.

The card exposed by each player’s last move is marked with a box of the corresponding color.

The game will not let you get bored and relaxed for a minute. During the moves of your opponents, you must carefully monitor their actions in order to recognize their plans in time and not to miss attempts to competitively seize your possessions or block chips.

Each game is unique and unpredictable, as players randomly place one of several dozen landscape cards from the deck. However, this diversity does not turn into chaos. Each next card gives a new development opportunity. If you did not get a suitable card for the City, the Road will drop out, or at least the Field. The presence of seven (or even more) chips allows you to simultaneously develop several possessions, and place almost any card to your advantage.

In the basic version of the game, without connecting any add-ons, you must carefully monitor the Fields, since their sections, separated initially, during the game can merge, forming one or several large Fields.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the Roads. Using them will help you avoid aimless moves..

Adding river cards to the deck allows you to diversify the game, especially the initial stages of games. Do not forget that very vast Fields can form at the source and mouth of the river..

This game combines fairly (but not overly) complex rules that require careful attention and thoughtful decisions from the player, with a pleasant and intense gameplay, which allows you to play interesting games in a short time.

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