Cascader Mill Yovovich, Who Lost Her Hand At The Shooting “The Abode Of Evil,” Won The Court Against Producers

In 2015, during the filming “Resident Evil: Last Chapter”, Accident occurred, as a result of which cascader Olivia Jackson (Olivia Jackson) gained serious injuries. Subsequently Jackson filed to the company to the company participating in the creation of the painting. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the victim won the case.

Speaking Double Milla Yovovich (Milla Jovovich) on the filming of one of the tricks, Jackson should have driving on a motorcycle at high speed. Woman crashed into the car on which the camera was fixed. The result is 17 days in a coma, the left hand amputation is higher than the elbow, the spine shift, the paralysis of the upper left quarter of the body, dislocate the shoulder, sliced the thumb, pierced light and broken ribs. Also Jackson still suffers from scars on the face and damage to the nerves.

South African court ruled that companies Bickers Actions SA And Pyranha Stunts planned and completed the trick without due care. The judge rejected the defendants’s statement that cascader was to blame.

According to the judge, Jackson Not realized the risks of the scene – director Paul W. FROM. Anderson PAUL W. FROM. Anderson) without the knowledge of the specialist asked one of the drivers to increase the danger of the trick for the sake of a more spectacular frame.

“I miss my past face. I miss my past body. I miss my past life. At least now I have a court decision, proving that the trick was poorly prepared and it was not my wines “, – said Jackson.

On the set “Last chapter” There were other victims. Member of the shooting team Ricardo Cornelius (Ricardo Cornelius) died shortly after the SUV pressed, moving from the platform. Another member of the team was injured by plastic boulder and spent six weeks on crutches.

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