Castle Clash Tips and Tactics

This article presents 10 useful tips and tactics for the currently very popular strategy of the Battle of Castle Castle Clash. These tips will greatly help both a beginner and an amateur to master the world of Castle Clash, pleasant reading.

1. Upgrade buildings that generate resources. These buildings will become your second source of resources, well, after raids, of course, they will be more effective.


2. Collect resources when the mines are full. There are exceptions to this rule, for example, it just needs to be improved. But it’s best not to neglect it. These resources will not be visible to enemies and will not attract their attention, which will have a good effect on the well-being of your fortress.


3. Upgrade the town hall. A higher level will allow you to build and upgrade more buildings and fortifications.


4. Your troops must be kept in the Army camp. This will bring tangible benefits not only in attack, but also in defense. Correct unit preparation is the key to victory. And we must not forget to improve them at an opportunity.


5. Don’t forget about going to the dungeons. The game has many types of resources and the coolest of them are hero crystals. They, as is clearly seen from the name, can be spent on obtaining various heroes and experience for them. These same crystals are mined in dungeons. It is quite profitable to replay old dungeons there, the losses will not be so great.


6. Use your entire army to attack. In this game, even after defeat, you will not lose all your troops. So you do not need to spare your strength for victory, it will come faster, and even the losses will be less.


7. Magic is a must. Spells are purchased in the Exhibit Hall. They will help you a lot in battles. Therefore, we advise you to upgrade the Hall of Exhibits to level 6, this will allow you to use 2 spells in battle.


8. Use heroes you don’t need to sacrifice. You can save a few green and blue heroes, but it is still better to sacrifice the rest to improve the stronger and more useful ones. It must be stipulated that sacrificing more heroes than level 1 will take a little power from you.


9. Go to the Arena. This may sound daunting to beginners, but over time you will love it. The arena is a source of quite valuable badges of honor, for which you can improve your heroes, as well as get new ones. Good heroes are needed here, but even after losing, you will get some badges.


10. Build so that the buildings are closer to each other. Placing buildings in this way will allow you to surround them with walls. Try to place walls 1-2 cells away from buildings.


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